Spring is in full bloom so we’re presenting you a Vibrant Spring Makeup Tutorial by Makeup By Giselle in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet. To help you recreate this makeup look, please watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

Hi beauties, welcome back to my channel. So, today’s makeup tutorial will be on this look here. Now I wanted to come up with something that was very spring appropriate, obviously with that pop of color because you guys already know I’m about that life. I was so excited to create this look because I am using the new Deck of Scarlet palette that just came out in collaboration with Evon. She is a very well-known beauty blogger. She has an Instagram…a very big Instagram following as well as a YouTube channel and she’ so amazing. Deck of Scarlet did reach out to me and ask to collaborate with them and I was like, “Heck Yeah.” Their products are really, really cool. I was really intrigued because of the fact that they are a subscription makeup service. Their palettes are $29.95 and they pretty much have everything you’re going to need for a full face in here.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Let me go ahead and fill you guys in on the 411. So, this is what the beautiful packaging looks like. Very sleek and well designed, and then inside here comes with three eye colors, two cheek colors, and two lip colors. Pretty much everything you’re going to need for a full beat. Now my favorite part about Deck of Scarlet is the fact that is a subscription that is every two months, so you don’t have to worry about getting a product every single month. And let’s say you’re not digging the palette that time, you can skip a palette. So, you’re not stuck with product you’re not going to need. I think that’s super dope and very convenient.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’ll go ahead and swatch these last two liners, but if you guys are interested in Deck of Scarlet, I’ll leave everything linked down below.

We’re going to go ahead and jump in. As usual, I already have my eyes primed and I just use a little bit of my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, and just blending it out because it creased pretty bad. And then setting it with translucent powder. This is the RCMA No Color Powder. This will help lock everything in and prevent creasing.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

When I saw this palette, I automatically knew I wanted to use this orange shade. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to take that on my MAC 224 and start building this into the crease. You guys remember my yellow…my bold yellow look with that really bold, dramatic black liner? This kind of reminds me of it because it’s similar steps, we’re pretty much using one shade to really pull the whole look together. So, I’m starting to build this up in the crease and slowly start feathering it out.

To add a little bit more depth, I’m going to take, Sandstorm, which is the contour shade and I’m going to pop this into my crease. Now before anybody asks me in the comment box, this brand is cruelty-free and they’re paraben-free, so that’s a win-win.

I felt like this look needed a little bit more pop, so I added the shade, Fudge, which is just a dark matte brown. Built this up right where I added that cool tone, Sandstorm shade. The reason I added the brown was so that when I add the orange, it’s not just one flat color; it’s going to have dimension to it. Picking up a little bit more of that orange and just building depth into the crease. This is going to help so you have a really nice gradient. And then taking my MAC 224 and my finger to just smooth everything out.

You guys already know that I always preach to you guys that there’s no rules to makeup, so I’m taking this lip color in Coral Kisses, I’m going to apply that to my lid. This gives a really pretty glossy effect, but I was initially wanting to use this as kind of like an adhesive. So, blending this out with my finger, and then I’m going to pack on that orange shade to intensify everything. These looks are my all-time favorites to do because of the fact that they’re so simple and so easy. I want to show you all that you can use minimal shadows to create an effortless look, and it’s all about that packing, and blending, and smoothing the edges and making sure that the intensity is on the lid, but the edges and the crease are very smooth.

Taking a little bit of Fix Plus, I wanted to really re-intensify the orange and make it pop more, so I’m just adding that in. Here I think I’m being cute adding my mascara and then boom, [INAUDIBLE 00:03:56] I poke myself right in the eye. We’re going to carry on and act like that didn’t happen.

The lashes I’m using today are these from Black Magic Lashes in the style Electra. They’re gorgeous, gorgeous and they are very full. So, if you want to use these lashes without liner, they look amazing and they look amazing with wing liner. If you’re wondering why I did my liner afterwards, it’s because I initially wasn’t planning on doing a wing, but once I finished I was like, “You know, this is missing something. We need that fleek-y wing.” So, we made it happen here. [INAUDIBLE 00:04:30], but you don’t have to do what I do. You can do your liner before and then do your lashes, and I promise you that it’ll be so much easier and everything will go a lot more smooth.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I took this really pretty emerald green liner because I’ve seen that emerald green in the palette and I wanted to incorporate it, so I add this to my lower lash line and then smudged out that shade called, Mermaid, right underneath.

Moving on to complexion, I’m going to take my Tarte Shape Tape in the color medium, and we’re going to pop this on under the eyes, the nose, the chin, forehead; you guys already know the drill. Now this concealer tends to pull a little bit too much peach tones, so I mix in this Prep+Prime Highlighter Pen from MAC; it’s in the color Light Boost. For those of you guys wondering, I did apply my foundation. Just a really light layer prior to filming, just so we could save a little bit of time. I’m going in with my dampened beauty blender and I’m just making sure everything is blended out seamlessly.

To set everything, I’m taking my RCMA No Color Powder with that same dampened beauty blender to make sure that everything is set and we prevent any type of creasing under the eyes. With whatever’s left on my beauty blender, I make sure that I set everywhere else. I don’t necessarily add more product, just whatever’s left on the sponge. With this shade called Sandstorm, I’m going to quickly contour my nose. I’ve been obsessed with contouring my nose lately because, if you guys can’t tell, my nose is, like, hella squared in the front, so this just helps make everything look a little bit more clean and narrow. And then just taking a little bit more RCMA powder and baking.

To bronze, I’m going to take the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit and apply this on just to kind of warm the perimeters of my face before going in and contouring with that same Sandstorm shade. I just felt like the other one’s going to be a little too cool toned if I use it on its own. Now I’m just taking my brush and I’m going to dust away the powder. You guys can tell that the lines are still pretty intense, so I’m just taking my MAC Studio Fix in the color C40 and I’m going to soften the edges.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Jumping back into the Sandstorm color, I’m now going to contour. Again, I didn’t use this one alone because I have a very strong golden tone to my skin and this would probably make me look a little bit ashier. So, I love it to use over top of a bronzer to really contour and chisel the cheeks and to smooth the edges under the eyes to finish the eye look.

I always do that, I always kind of hop back and forth, so I apologize. And let me tell you, this highlighter in the color, Halo, is so pretty guys. It’s one of those highlights where you can build it up if you want it to be super bright, but it doesn’t look cakey.

To finish off the entire look, I’m going to take this shade called, Almond; pop that directly on using my fingers. You know, sometimes you’ve just got use your fingers because you got it like that. And this is the final look. I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button; you guys already know what to do. Subscribe, and I’ll see you, beauties in my next one.