Deck of Scarlet Makeup Subscription and beauty blogger Nina Vee teamed up to bring you this VAMPY SMOKEY EYE tutorial. In order to recreate the look, please watch the video, read the transcript of the video + images with the steps.


Hi guys. Welcome back. So today I have another makeup look for you guys and this one is quite vampy and sultry. I’m using a really fun palette today. This is the Deck of Scarlet palette. They’re basically, like, a subscription service. This is their second one, and I have to do a video on this one, because this is collaboration with SonjdraDeluxe. If you guys don’t know who she is, she’s incredible. She is huge. So, she’s on Instagram and YouTube so if you don’t follow her, definitely go check her out.

I’ll link her down below, because she’s one of my favorites and I just have to use this palette, because it was her collaboration, and how cute is the packaging.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So cute. As I mentioned, it’s a subscription service, at $29.95, per kit, so you basically get a palette with three shadows, two cheek products, two lip products and two pencils. I got an eye pencil and a lip liner so it’s amazing. I created this entire look using her palette and it’s really, really good, guys.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So I hope you guys really enjoy this video because it is really bomb, so I’ll link them down below for you to check out. You can always skip if you don’t want to get that certain palette. There also paraben free and cruelty free, which is awesome, and they’re made in the U.S. So it’s nice and easy and they do free shipping, guys. And all of their palettes are in collaboration with YouTubers, so maybe one of your favorites will collaborate next time, and you get to try what they put together for you.

So if you want to see how to get this look, then definitely, keep on watching. I’m so excited and I love her so I hope you guys do enjoy this video. As per usual, everything is linked down below for you guys. Give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, guys. Let’s get started. As I mentioned, this is the palette. It’s really, really great packaging, but as you can see there’s two lip products, two cheek products and those eye shadows on the top and of course, as I mentioned, it comes with two pencils, the eye liner and the lip liner.

So I’m starting off with putting my concealer on my eyelids to prime my eyes. This is just going to give us a nice base. And then, I’m also putting my tart concealer on my under eyes because I’m doing my full eye before I move on to the face.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So I’m setting both my eyelid and my under eye with the Anastasia Banana Powder and then a little bit of the MAC Emphasize Powder. So I’m using just any transition shade.

 I’m actually using the bronzer in the palette for this, and I’m just doing that on the lower lash line and on my crease before we move on to the red.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

 It’s just going to give us a nice base and this red shade is a matte and it’s really, really beautiful. So I’m using my ZOEVA 228 and it’s super pigmented as you can see. So I’m just building that color on my crease. As this is a red, we want to work slowly and just build on the color.

And then, I’m just going to take both of the reds. So, the first one has got a little bit of a shimmer and then, of course, the matte red shade that we just used already. I’m mixing both with my 224 from ZOEVA and then that’s going to go in my crease, and again, just building the color on the outer corner and really, really working in the inner corner of the eye.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, I’m taking a clean brush. This one is from Iconic London. I just use that to blend out the edges, and then going back with those two shades on my lower lash line, this just really smoked out, really simple smokey eye.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, I’m going in with a black. And I’m using a really tiny sigma brush. I’ll leave the number of it down below. It’s super, super tiny. It’s actually like a miniature version of the Zoe 224 that I use. And I’m taking that black shade which is a matte and I’m putting that on the lower lash line but I’m taking it all the way into the inner corner. And then, I’m taking a little bit on the outer corner of the lid, as well, and blending that through.

And then, I’m taking the black eye color pencil that it comes with, the set comes with, and I’m putting that on my water line. Alright, so I’m using lashes from Lily Lashes. These are in the style Miami which are beautiful. And then I’m moving on to the face.

I’m using my BECCA primer all over the face. And then, a little bit of the professional from Benefit on my nose and the sides of my nose. This is going to get rid of any pores before we move onto foundation. And one of my favorites, as you guys know, is the Cover Effects Full Free foundation and I’m in the shade of G14.

I’m a little pale at the moment, but it’s all good. So, I’m just putting that all over my face with my beautyblender and moving on to concealer. As I already concealed the complete under eye, I’m just doing my cheek area on my chin down my nose, as per usual and I take it all the way back to the sides of my face, as well.

And we’re going to blend that in with the beautyblender again. This is a beautiful concealer, probably my favorite, which is why I’m using so often and I highly recommend you guys check it out because it’s probably my favorite concealer at the moment.

Alright, so again dabbing that down with my beautyblender and I’m going in with my Kat Von D translucent powder with the big, fluffy brush. This one is from Real Techniques, and then I’m just putting a little mascara on my lower lashes. This one is from Stila.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Alright, so going with the bronzer. It’s quite warm, which is perfect. And I’m taking my big, I think this is the Morphe RO, I don’t remember the number, but I always link it down below for you guys, because it’s my favorite brush for my cheeks.

And then, I’m spritzing my face with some Fix+ before we move on to highlight. I didn’t know how pigmented this was, so that’s why I spritzed my face just so I can emphasize the shade. Once it touches the skin, where you have fix plus or any kind of facial spray, it actually emphasizes any powder you put on top. So I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the highlight and it’s really pretty on the skin.

And then, I’m using the lip line. It’s quite a burgundy shade and I’m putting that on my lips and then I’m taking the berry shade, and I didn’t know how pigmented it was. It was actually really pigmented and I used it on its own. So I’m using a matte brush for this just to put it all over my lips. Really, really simple, but really lovely.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. As per usual, check out my other videos and of course, subscribe to my channel if you want to.

vampy smokey eye

And I’ll see you guys super, super soon in my next video. Bye, guys.