Youtube beauty blogger ItsSteephh has created this Makeup Tutorial: Spring Smokey Eyes + Glitter look in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet makeup palette. In order to recreate the look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hey guys, it’s Steph. So today, I’m going to be doing a tutorial on this look. And I also worked with the Deck of Scarlet palette today. I’m so excited to talk to you guys about this palette and everything else, so without any further ado, make sure to keep on watching if you guys want to know how I got this look.

Alrighty, so today I’m going to be using the Deck of Scarlet palette and their little liner and lip liner. I’m so excited about this because you guys have seen me raving about this on Instagram. I just think the whole concept of this is so cool.  Basically, what it is, is a subscription service. Every two months, you guys get a whole, like, deck of components. This one has three shadows, two cheek colors and two lip colors along with an eyeliner and a lip liner, so it’s pretty cool. And yeah, I think it’s so cool how they collaborate with YouTubers on every single one, so I’m very excited to be building my collection.


I’m gonna be starting off by priming my eyes and then popping in this beautiful orange color called Sunshine.  These shadows are awesomely pigmented and they really blend out so beautifully, so I’m stoked about this one.

And after that I’m going to be going into the color Fudge, just blending that all over my eye.

And then afterwards, I’m gonna be going into the color, Mermaid, and then just popping that all over my lid.

Also, yes, I’m bringing the tape back. The tape is literally like the best thing ever, and it’s also like the perfect outline for your winged liner. Today, I’m going to be using the Sigma liner, and then going in with some glitter; it was the Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter. And for lashes, use some Eyeris Beauty lashes in the style Siracha.

For foundation, today, I went in with L’Oréal Pro Glow Infallible.  I absolutely love this stuff. It just looks so good on the skin, and I’m mixing that with some Kat von D liner. I believe this is one of the lightest ones, but I will put all the product info down below as always.  Yeah, just blending that out, and then I’m going to be setting my face with my holy grail Airspun translucent powder. This is literally my everything. It’s just so great.  Keeps my makeup on all day and it just, you know, locks it in.

Next, I’m going to go back into the Deck of Scarlet and I’m going to be using this Chameleon eyeliner.  It’s like a super subtle green.  And I feel like it really pulls the look together and just helps balance it all out. And after I’m applying that, I’m just going to be sweeping off the extra translucent powder that’s been baking on my face. And once that’s all settled, I’m going to be going back into the Deck of Scarlet again and using the color, Sunshine, and just popping that right below that Chameleon liner just to balance everything out and to finish up the eyes.

I seriously can’t get over the fact that the Deck of Scarlet’s only $29.95, like, every two months. And, like, you guys can skip it too if you guys aren’t feeling the palette of the month which I’m probably sure will never happen because they’re so bomb.

Now I’m just going to go into the color, Sandstorm, which is the bronzer that comes in this palette and I’m just blending that all out all over my face, and also just popping some onto the sides of my nose with this Zoeva brush, just to contour and slim it down a bit.

And once I’m done with that, I’m gonna be spraying some setting spray onto my brush for the highlight, you know the use. This is the Laura Geller setting spray. And I’m just going to be going into the color, Halo, which is the highlight in this palette. And I can’t get over the fact that it is literally so bomb. I feel like a glowing goddess right now, like can we just talk about this glow? I don’t know, it’s pretty great.

 I’m going to be setting my face with some setting spray again, and then I’m gonna be going in to line my lips.  This is the Cake Pop lip liner, and I’ve actually been using this lip liner literally every day because it just glides on so smoothly. The formula is just bomb, so I’m definitely a fan. Actually, decided to go in and fill up my entire lips with this lip liner. And after that I was kinda debating on which color to choose because they are both so pretty, and I actually decided to go on with Coral Kisses, and I’m just blending that out with a Sigma brush. And that is the finished look.

Hey cuties, thank you so much for watching. I truly appreciate it. And if you guys did like this video, then make sure to give it a big thumbs-up right down there and don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already. Also, I will leave all information and products I used right down in the description box including the Deck of Scarlet palette. Make sure you guys go check this thing out, it’s pretty cool and the concept of it is so freaking awesome. So yeah, I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for watching again. And I hope you have a great day or night, whatever it is, wherever you are. Stay awesome, guys. Seeya.

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