Beauty Blogger Nathalie Muñoz prepared this Quick and easy spring smokey eye using only ONE palette: Deck of Scarlet. To recreate the look, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

Hi, guys. Welcome back. Today, I have for you a quick makeup tutorial perfect for spring. It’s going to be an easy smoky eye, and it’s actually in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet, which is a new makeup subscription. It’s actually pretty cool, let me tell you guys. You basically pay $29.95 every two months, and every other month, you’re going to get a new palette. So, basically like this one, which has three eyeshadows, a highlight, and a bronzer. I’m obsessed with the colors, by the way—super pigmented. Two lips products, as well. So, I hope you enjoy this video and let’s jump right into it.

So, I basically started with my regular foundation routine. As always, all the products are going to be listed in the description box, so be sure to check that out. So, after I applied my foundation and concealer, I’m using some loose powder and applying it on my nose, that way it’s easier to contour. And I’m using the shade, Sandstorm, from the palette which I think is the perfect shade to contour, by the way, because it does have a cool-toned shade to it, therefore it’s going to be a little bit more natural.

Starting with my eyes, I’m using the same shade and applying it in my crease as a transition color. Then all over my lid for that smoky effect, I’m using Fudge, which is a beautiful chocolate shade. So, to give it some warmth and more dimension, I’m using my favorite shade from the palette, which is Sunshine, and I’m just swiping it all over my crease.

For my lower lash line, I’m using the two shades I used for my eyes—just blending it all together, and then taking this greenish eyeliner, which I think it gave it a nice touch. It’s also from the Deck of Scarlet line and it’s called Chameleon.

Then to brighten up my eyes, I’m using, Halo, which is the highlight from the palette. I feel like no smoky eye is completed without some liquid liner, so I’m adding a small cat eye look. Back with the orange for that pop. I’m going to be just lining it right under my liquid liner, and I feel like it really gave a nice touch. Applying lots of mascara as always, and then just hopping in with some falsies.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

To contour and bronze up my face, I’m using Sandstorm which, again, it’s the perfect shade to contour. I’m obsessed. For blush, since it is a spring look, I had to go with a coral-y shade and I think it really went nicely with the look, and then just highlighting my face all over, just all over.

For lips, I’m going for this peach-y nude combo and then just adding a glittery topper right in the center. As always, everything’s going to be listed down below. And very last but not least, setting it all in place.

Alright, so here is the finished look. I hope you guys enjoyed. Make sure to give it a big thumbs-up if you did. And also, don’t forget to check out Deck of Scarlet which, again, I think it’s such a cool subscription for just $29.95 every two months and getting this amazing palette with an eyeliner and a lip liner. I mean, win-win situation here. It’s actually free shipping for USA, and they also have international shipping if you were wondering. And if you don’t like a palette for a month, you could skip it. So, again, I think it’s such a cool subscription. Don’t forget to check it out. And see you next time. Bye.