Watch this amazing Spring MakeUp Tutorial, brought to you by the beauty vlogger Victoria Lyn Beauty using Deck of Scarlet palette. Recreate this look with the help of the transcript of the video + images with the steps.

Hey beauties, and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, my name is Victoria Lyn. And today, I’m going to be sharing the March to April Deck of Scarlet palette. I’m so excited to share with you guys who collabed on this palette, and if you would like to know, then please keep watching.

Alright, everyone. So, for those of you watched my Deck of Scarlet video where I used the SonjdraDeluxe and Deck of Scarlet collab, you know all about Deck of Scarlet. But for those of you who don’t know, Deck of Scarlet is a subscription service where you receive this palette. And inside, it has two lip colors, two cheek colors, three eyeshadows, and two pencils. That’s a lot of stuff. It’s really awesome.

So, the subscription service is $29.95 every two months, and every other month, you get a really sleek palette like this. There’s free shipping within the US. You can cancel anytime if you don’t like the palette. If you’re not a fan of the palette and you want to cancel, you can totally skip on that particular palette. Shipping is available to Canada and the UK, as well. And every palette is 100% cruelty free, paraben free, and made in the USA.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, this is the collab with Evon Wahab, and I think this is so exciting. She picked very unique shades and I think they’re all really beautiful. I have never seen some of these color combos before. So, every other month, Deck of Scarlet collabs with a YouTuber to create a palette, and I think that’s so cool they collaborated with Evon. If you guys would like to get this look that you see right here, and see how I created it, then please keep on watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I’ve already primed my lids with some concealer and I’m going to jump right into this shade, Sunshine. And Sunshine is a beautiful orange. I’m just going to use this, like, on a fluffy brush and pop this into the crease. Just starting towards the outer V of my eye and working this in. This shade is so beautiful. This is very spring. And as I’m doing this, I’m just kind of leaving the lid blank.

So, now I’m going to pick up the shade, Halo, and Halo is a really pretty, shimmery highlight, but I’m actually going to be using it on my eyes. I’m first going to wet my brush. I’m just going to wet my brush a little bit, and I’m just concentrating this on the center of the lid. This is a very beautiful gold color, kind of like a champagne gold.

Now I’m going to pick up the long wear eyeliner in Chameleon, and this is a really pretty, kind of like a green color. I’m going to use this in the outer corner of my eye. Just going to draw along the lash line.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now I’m going to pick up the shade, Fudge, and Fudge is like a dark brown. And I’m using this on a really small brush, and I’m just going to smudge this in the outer corner of the eye to just add some definition. Adding in the shade Fudge just really gives a lot of extra definition to your eyes so they don’t get lost in the orange. Just going back into Sunshine, adding a little bit more of that and kind of bringing it out.

I’m taking the eyeliner in Chameleon. I’m going to line my waterline with this. And I’m also going to be sure to kind of drag this along the lower lash line so we can smudge this out a little bit.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, now I’m going to pick up the shade, Mermaid, which is a green. It’s really pretty, definitely like a mermaid. And I’m going to smudge this on the lower lash line. And I’m going to be sure to concentrate this more towards the outer corner, and I’m just going to lightly bring it in.

So, now going back into the shade, Halo, I’m going to apply this into the inner corner of my eye. And now I’m just going to pop on some mascara and some really fluffy false lashes, and we can move onto the face.

Now moving back to the face, we’re going to pick up the shade, Sandstorm. This is one of the cheek colors. And I would definitely say this is like a contouring color. It’s a very cool tone. It’s a very good color to really contour any shape of your face with. So, I’m using this on a really small brush. I’m going to tap off the excess, and then I’m going to go in and contour my cheeks. I’m going to go right in front of my ear and just bring this forward about that much. And as you can see, it gives a really nice, kind of, shadowy color that looks a lot like a real contour would look. So, you want to be pretty light with this, or else it could look a little intense. But this is, like, the perfect contouring powder. You could take a little bit of this and add it to, like, the base of your hairline. It kind of gives you, like, a sun kissed look, as well, if you do this. And also, along my jawline. Wow, that just blends really nicely.

I’m going to pick up that same color on a smaller, kind of, angle brush, and I’m going to use this to contour my nose. I like to start kind of by the front of my brow, and then just bring it straight down.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Because there isn’t a blush in this palette, I’m going to get a little creative and I’m going to pick up the shade, Sunshine. And Sunshine was the orange we used we on our eye; we’re going to use it on our cheeks. I have quite a bit of this on this brush, and I’m just going to go in. Tap this on your cheeks. It definitely works. And, you know what, you could probably take this color and use it to warm up your whole face. I love to take colors like this and just kind of dab it around the nose where you would normally get, like, sun.

I’m first going to spray my face before we highlight. This is a great trick for getting your highlight to really pop. So, we’re going to pick up Halo, and Halo is the highlight. And I self-tan, so this should look really good on my skin. Okay, and now we’re going to get the nose, of course, our chin, Cupid’s bow. This highlight is really, really beautiful. I’m going to take some more of it and I’m just going to hit this area where, you know, the light would normally hit. And I’ll highlight right above the brow.

So, we’re moving on to lips. I’m going to line my lips with the long wear lip liner in Cake Pop. And this is a really nice, neutral color.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, there’s two lip colors and I’m first going to go into Coral Kisses, and this looks super vibrant. Alright, so this is Coral Kisses. I love this color. It’s so pretty. I think it looks really good with this look, especially if you’re really wanting to use the orange on your eyes, the shade, Sunshine; this looks really good paired with that. And you could honestly wear those two by themselves and they look really good.

Another shade in here called, Almond. And Almond is a little bit darker. I’ll show you guys what Almond looks like. Almond is a little bit more like a chocolate nude. This is also a really beautiful color. It’s like a chocolatey nude. I like that it really compliments the warm tones. There’s a lot of really warm tones in this palette that I really like. They make me think of summer; that it’s just like a very summery type of palette. I love it.

Alright, beauties. So, this is the finished look using the Deck of Scarlet Evon Wahab palette. I loved it. I think it’s very unique, and you guys should totally check it out. If you want any info on Deck of Scarlet, I will have all of the information about it in my description box. And if you guys like this look, don’t forget to like this video and let me know what you thought of it down below in the comments. Subscribe, share with friends; you know the drill.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Thank you all for watching today, and I will see you all on my next tutorial.