Are you interested in some simple SPRING MAKEUP TUTORIAL? If so, please watch this makeup tutorial created by ROSANNA PIERCE who uses Deck of Scarlet palette No-01 to create this gorgeous makeup look. To recreate the look, please watch the YouTube video, read the transcription of the video and follow the step by step images.

Hey everyone. So, today, I bring you a makeup tutorial using a pop of color. Here, I’m using the Deck of Scarlet palette. If you haven’t heard of Deck of Scarlet before, they’re basically a makeup subscription service that run every two months rather than every month. They’re $29.95. They bring out a new palette every two months, and they work with different YouTubers, which is one thing that drew me to it. So, the first one they did was with Kelly Strack, and then the second one they did with SonjdraDeluxe. This one is with Evon Wahab, and I’m sure you’ve probably seen her on Instagram. I’ve followed her for ages on Instagram. I’m sure it used to be Makeup by Evon.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Every two months, you get sent a new palette. Each palette comes with three eyeshadows, two cheek colors, two lip colors. Also, it comes with two pencils, an eye pencil and a lip pencil, as well. They ship to United Kingdom and Canada and, obviously, the USA because that is where they’re made. They do, do free shipping in the USA, but obviously, you would need to pay shipping if you were in Canada or the United Kingdom. But it is only every two months. You can also skip a month if there is one month that you don’t…not synching on the colors, or you just don’t want it that month, you can skip the month. And you can cancel anytime, so you aren’t tied into sort of contract with them. Every palette is completely cruelty-free. It’s paraben-free. And they’re all made in the USA.

If you are not that sure about makeup, if you’re unsure what looks to do, it’s a great little service because it gives you all the things you would need in one palette. And also, if a YouTuber has created this palette, chances are they’ve got a YouTube video on it so you can see what kind of looks you can do with it. So, yeah, that is all I have to say about this. I’ll put all the links down below for you, but if you want to see how I created this makeup look using this stunning palette, then just keep watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

First, I thought I would show you the palette and everything. So, it comes really nicely packaged in this box. Your actual palette comes in a sleeve, I love a good sleeve. And it all feels nice and rubbery. It’s really nice quality. And then you’ve got all your products in here, all your shadow and things. So, as you can see, you’ve got your lips at the side; your eyeshadows at the top; and your contour and highlight in the middle or kind of bottom.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then this is the eyeliner. This is in Chameleon, and it’s just a really nice emerald green similar to the eyeshadow that you’ve got in the palette. And then you have the lip color as well, which is, like, my perfect everyday lip color. It’s like a brown-y nude color.

Well, I’ve used a bit of tape on the side of my eyes. Already have my eyebrows done. And I’m just taking the bronzer shade, or the contour shade in the palette, on a nice big, fluffy brush and I’m just applying this into my crease and blending it so it’s all nice and smooth. This is going to act as a transition color which just means that all the other colors will blend a little bit earlier and it’s a bit easier to work with.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, on a slightly smaller brush, still fluffy but more of a detail brush, I’m taking the dark brown shadow and I’m applying this mostly in the outer corner, but I am taking it through the crease and on in the inner corner a little bit, as well. Not going quite as high as the contour shade that we used to start with. So, you’re just going slightly lower with this, but then you are going to go back into the contour shade with your big, fluffy brush again just to blend all the edges. It’s a lot easier if you blend as you go.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m then using a concealer and a little synthetic concealer brush, and I’m just carving out the inner probably third of the eye. I’m doing this so that the eyeshadow we put on top really stands out. This also helps the eyeshadow stick to it because it’ll be a little bit tacky with it being, you know, a cream product.

But when you put…because it’s a lighter color than my skin, when you put the shadow on top, it just makes it pop. And because we’re using a bright color, I think it worked pretty well. So, I’m grabbing a clean, flat shader brush, taking the orange in the palette and popping this exactly where I would put that. At the minute, you don’t need to worry about the lines between the white and the brown because we are going to blend that in, in a minute. But first, you just want to get the orange color down.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now I’m taking whatever’s left on the smaller fluffy brush we used, and I’m just defusing the edges so that the orange blends into the brown. You don’t want to do it too much because you do still want the contrast between. You don’t want it to all blend into one, but you want it to be a little bit softer than it is at first.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then I’m taking a liquid eyeliner. I will have all the products I use listed in the description box for you. And I’m doing quite a heavy wing with this look. And then once I have finished with my liquid eyeliner, I’m going to pop on some lashes.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, then moving on to the lower lash line, I’m using the green eyeliner that came with the palette and I’m just applying this on the lower lash line. This is going to act as a base for the eyeshadow that we use. So, we’re going in with the green shadow; the olive-y, emerald gorgeous green shadow. And on a pencil brush, you’re blending this on top of it. And then I’m going to take another brush and a little bit of the orange shade and blend underneath that.

Then I’m taking the contour shade and I’m just contouring my cheekbones. I also bring it kind of around my temples and forehead and then jawline, as well, so there’s not just one sudden line on my cheek, it all kind of blends together. I’m then using a peach-y colored blush just on the apples of my cheek and then backwards, and then going in with a highlighter.

This highlight, ugh, it’s amazing. So, I’m just applying this on my cheekbones, down the center of my face, and on the top of my Cupid’s bow to make my lips look nice and pouty.

And then going in with the lip liner. So, I’m just outlining my lips with this. I kind of fill in the edges a bit just so it’s not one sudden line around my lips, but I’m not filling in the whole lip. And then I’m going in with the brown-y shade from the palette. I’m just using my finger just to tap that on there. I’m applying that, I was going to say, on the top and bottom lip. Obviously, I’m going to apply it to the top and bottom lip.

This is the finished look. I hope you enjoyed it. So, check the info box for any information and product lists and all that jazz. Subscribe if you haven’t already. And I will see you in my next video. Bye.