Deck of Scarlet has teamed up with the famous beauty and makeup YouTuber Alissa Ashley so we can bring you a really fun Smokey Eye Faux Freckled Glossy Lip Glam tutorial. In order to help you recreate this look using the Deck of Scarlet palette, please watch the video above,read the transcript of the video and see the step by step images.


Hey you guys. We’re back to my chill. So today’s video is going to be, I don’t know the title of it, yet. I don’t know what I’m going to call it, but I know that I want to do really nice kind of smoky, sultry kind of eye look. That’s what we’re aiming for, okay?

smokey eye

So I know it’s going to be tough but that’s what I’m aiming for. And I’ll be using the Deck of Scarlet palette and this is their collaboration with SonjdraDeluxe here on YouTube. And shout out to Sonjdra because, I don’t know, I feel like she’s been killing it lately with these collabs and they’re all awesome, so I’m very proud of her because if you guys met Sonjdra in person, you just… She’s so cool, man, like, Sonjdra, you’re cool, but today’s video is going to be using that. And this is what it looks like and I told you guys about Deck of Scarlet in another video and they are a monthly subscription service and you get one palette every two months.

It comes with three eye shadows, two face products, two lip colors, two pencils. It just comes with a bunch of stuff. You can create a whole, entire look with just this palette and when they send it to me and I swatch the colors. I swatch them on Snapchat and you guys Snapchat fam then I’m pretty sure you guys remember it, I was just like, holy crap, this is neat, like these are my colors, this is my vibe, so, yeah, I’m talking a lot.

But I’ll be using this palette today to create a look so if you want to see that happen, then keep on watching. Okay, so I got a little bit closer and, by the way, one of my nails is broken so I know, it looks really ratchet, but like my appointment’s a couple of days, so we’re just struggling till then. I’m going to use this tart shaped concealer to prime my eyes. I don’t know, I like the shape prime, so I use this to prime around the eyeballs. And the palette comes with mirrors. I’ll be using the mirror today to guide me with this eye look.

And this is a Morphe E28. I’m going to go ahead and lightly set that in place with some translucent powder like I always do, so I don’t get any creasing. And I’m also going to apply a little bit of powder underneath my eye to catch any fall out, just a little bit.

Okay, so taking my Morphe M534. I’m going to dip into the burgundy shade and I’m just going to pop that right into my crease. When I say this palette is like ultra-pigmented, you guys can see, like, you’re seeing for yourself, it’s just packing on so nicely. Like, I don’t even think I own a burgundy that is this burgundy, you know? Like, it’s so cool. And I’m going to take the face product, the kind of contour shade, and use that to soften it, soften it up a bit there, and I’ll continue to pack it on.

Next taking this Morphe M514, I’m going to take the black eye shadow and place it closer to the lid area. I switched over to the M514 because as you can see it’s really small, so it’s really packing that black on, like there’s no tomorrow, and I don’t want the black to be too crazy, so this is giving me more control.

Okay, so as you can see, I decided that I want to just go smoky, so I would take this Morphe slate gel liner and this is Morphe M422, and I’m going to pack the slate gel liner on top. So basically, I just wasted my time putting this black on because, I mean, then cover it with this slate anyway, so, yeah, but that’s I just changed my mind. I mean, I don’t really have to bring it up all the way, but I am, because it’s going to make the blend easier. So I pack this on. As you can see, it’s kind of blending with the black eyeshadow and I’m going to pack that eyeshadow right on top just to make sure everything stays in place. I know it’s a little confusing here, but I mean, I really did sit down and I did not know what look I wanted to do. I knew I wanted it to be smoky. I didn’t know I wanted it to be this smoky until now.

And then I’m taking Morphe M534, I’m just go ahead and set the black in place with the black eyeshadow.

Next, I’m going to go ahead and apply a little bit of mascara. This is the Julep Length Matters mascara.

To incorporate the shimmery shade, I’m going to go ahead and take this Morphe E36 and place it in this inner corner here.

 I’m going to take the highlight for the face and put it on top.

Okay, so I went ahead and put my lashes on off camera and the reason being is because I can’t find my handy dandy lash tweezers that make it look like I know how to put on lashes very easily, but I don’t. But these are lady lashes in the style khan. And now, I’m going to do faux freckles. I know that’s probably weird with the smoky eye, because you’re just like, okay, that’s not really the aesthetic, but I don’t care. I’m going to do them because it just felt like the thing to do. I don’t really know what look I’m creating here, but we’re going to go for it. This is the Etude, where is it at? It’s the little, the brow tint that I used the last time for my freckles. So I’m looking into the mirror and begin making little dots. And I said I liked this pencil because it’s so light and it’s cool tone, so the freckles don’t end up looking all crazy.

Wait. Before I do my freckles, I want to do this trick. Who’d I see do that? I think I’ve seen Christy do it, a couple of other people. They put, like, bronzer or, like, you know, on their nose to make the freckles look more natural or something. Let me see.

For my lips, I’m taking the pencil that came in the Deck of Scarlet. This is Heartless to line my lips. No, that will be a look. Okay, review. I just have an inkling about things, you know? Okay, I’ll line this side of lips, kind of smooth it out a bit. I’m going to take this Lancôme Magnetic Mauve and it’s by Lancôme on top. I mean, it didn’t do exactly what I thought it was going to do, but at the same time, it looks okay.

And I’m going to take the highlight in the palette and highlight my nose. No, I’m not flipping you off. Put a little bit on my high points on my face.

 Okay, so as you can see, I decided to go ahead and just smoke out the bottom because it looked like not complete. So I’m taking my Morphe slate gel liner and it’s my favorite when it comes to smoky eyes. They’re just so creamy and bomb. This is the Morphe E46, and I’m just going to put it all underneath. And I’m going to go ahead and set it in place with the black eyeshadow in the Deck of Scarlet palette.

Okay, so here is the finished look. And I’m yeah, did not know I was headed to the really smoky side of town, but I guess that’s where we landed. So, yeah, here’s the finished look. Here it is, very smoky.

smokey eye makeup

Hope you guys like it. If you do, be sure to give a thumbs up. Be sure to check out Deck of Scarlet. I’ll make sure to have the link down below and I will see you guys in the next video.