Makeup Youtuber Lupe Sujey Cuevas in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet brings you a Smokey Brown with a touch of color Makeup Tutorial. To recreate the look, watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

Hey, guys. In today’s video, I’m going to do a smoky eye with a touch of color. I love this look, especially because it’s created by just one palette. So, in today’s video, I used Deck of Scarlet palette in collab with Makeup by Evon. I’m so excited for her, especially because I am a huge fan of her. And I have a funny story behind Makeup by Evon and it’s just going to show how much of a fan I am.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I started my Instagram in 2014, and around the end of 2014, I did YouTube. When I started Instagram, I had no idea there was a makeup industry out there that existed, and I came across Makeup by Evon social media, which was her Instagram at that time. And I instantly fell in love with her. She was so beautiful to me, and is beautiful, that I had to draw her. I was drawing at that time and I drew her. Makeup by Evon reposted it and followed me right after. That just shows how much of a fangirl I am. So, honestly, honestly, if it wasn’t for Makeup by Evon and Sam…Samantha, I wouldn’t have started. Yeah, that…I’m so excited for her in this collaboration.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Deck of Scarlet is a new palette subscription where they send you a new palette every two months. You can cancel anytime or skip a palette if you don’t like it. They collaborate with top YouTubers, and these palettes have everything you need to create a daytime to nighttime look. These palettes come with eyeshadows, cheek colors, lipsticks, and a lip liner and eyeliner. So, today’s eyeliner was a dark green, and a beautiful nude lip liner. If you guys want to check out how I got this look, then keep watching. And do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more upcoming videos.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m going to start off by using the brown shade from the Deck of Scarlet palette, applying that all over the eyelid. I’m going to keep building onto this color. And then taking it up to the crease, really blending that in there. I’m really applying in the inner crease. And with a clean blending brush, blending that in together. Applying some of that orange eyeshadow on the crease, blending it all together. Grabbing some more of that brown shade and really focusing on applying that in the inner eye.

I’m going to seriously build onto the crease and the inner eye. You guys are going to tell that this brown shade is just going to keep getting darker and darker. Blending it all in together. Applying some more of that brown shade on the eyelid, just topping it off and blending in the crease. There’s a lot of blending involved. I really want to focus on the end corner of this shade. Building onto the inner eye. Building onto the inner eye.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now applying liquid liner. I’m going to show you guys really quick how I do this. Making the wing sharp with a baby wipe. Applying mascara and then Violet Voss lashes.

Moving on to face, we’re going to apply the Hydrating Primer from Smashbox — has been my favorite lately. And then topping it off with foundation, that same combination: makeup store foundation and L’Oréal. Blending it all in with a damp sponge. Moving onto NARS concealer, applying that underneath the eyes and the bridge of the nose and blending it all in. Being careful blending in the tear duct. Applying the yellow shade from the Pixi by Petra Contour Kit palette.

With the green liner, we’re going to apply it in the inner eye. And moving on to the green eyeshadow, applying that underneath the eyes. Really just blending that through. With the orange eyeshadow, we’re going to apply it closer to the tear duct, I really want a pop of color. Blending it all in together.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Applying mascara. Fixing the liquid liner. Cleaning it up with concealer and moving on to contour. We’re going to grab that middle shade from the contour palette from Pixi by Petra. This one’s a Marc Jacobs brush, to those who are wondering. Applying some underneath the jaw. Moving on to bronzer, and this one specifically is from the palette, Deck of Scarlet. I am cleaning it up because I felt like it came out a little bit too harsh, I put a little bit too much. And a little bit of highlighter. Applying Kat von D setting spray.

And, finally, moving on to lips, this one’s the lip liner from the palette of Deck of Scarlet. I absolutely love this lip color. And touching it up with that cream base, it’s kind of like a burned orange-red. Beautiful color. Cleaning it up and we are done with this look. I really hope you guys enjoyed this look.

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deck of scarlet makeup palette