Need a quick makeup tutorial for Valentine’s Day? Beauty influencer Nikki French created a sultry smokey Valentine’s Day look using Deck of Scarlet Sonjdra Deluxe palette. If you want to recreate this romantic look, watch the video, read the transcription and follow the step-by-step images below:


Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today is going to be a full on makeup tutorial but a very in depth on how creating a smokey smoked out liner.

 I’m like done with the holidays. I’m ready for Valentine’s Day already and I don’t know, I was just thinking about it, and I was like, looking at this palette and I feel like this would be such a pretty look for Valentine’s Day. I know I’m kind of like kind of far, well it’s really not that far away. I feel like it’s really romantic and would be perfect for a night out on the town with the, your significant other. The majority of my makeup using the Deck of Scarlet palette.

 This is a subscription service. It’s $29.95. It has like a, I believe, like a $80 retail value, because it’s like a set and this comes every other month and the cool thing is you can skip it at any time. Every other month, they have a influencer that created the box. This month is SonjdraDeluxe which I’m obsessed with. I love her.

 It comes in this box, Deck of Scarlet. You get the little card. Meet SonjdraDeluxe, our artist in chief, for this season. And it just explains a little bit about her and her social is very cool. And then, here is her palette. This is the sleeve it comes in.

 And I’ve already used this obviously because it’s on my face and here it is.

You have one that opens up here and then this bottom one is separate, which I really like.

 I don’t like palettes sometimes that have everything in one and you open everything, because I find the powder can sometimes transfer into the lipsticks if they’re in the same palette so this is very smart to do two separate ones.

So let’s do a couple of swatches and we have the highlighting color and then the bronzing shade. You’ll see in the tutorial that I used actually both of those shades on my eyes, as well.

Let’s swatch. The top shadows, oh no, this also comes with an eyeliner and a lip liner as well and then two of the lipstick shades. Every single palette has that sort of thing. They have the same staple set up of all of these palettes, and those are the eyeshadows. I really love the formula of these eyeshadows.

They blended really, really nicely, and that rose gold gorgeous, as well. You know what’s really cool about these two, it’s very… All of these palettes, they are, like, trending, like, what’s going on in makeup so every other month, like, right now, I feel like it’s so hot, the brick reds and the rose golds and that’s what’s really cool that all of these palettes are like that.

Makeup Subscription Service:DECK OF SCARLET sonjdradeluxe palette

And then you have the lip liner and eyeliner, a very nice fine tip, and then let’s just swatch it. Pretty.

It’s not very black. It’s like a smoky black which this is actually perfect for this look because I really… It was easy to smoke everything out. And then, we have the lip liner, which I’m obsessed with. I love this color and it went on so easily, like, I just barely had to touch my lips. There was no catching. It was just so, so smooth. And this is in the color Heartless, really beautiful formula, so creamy.

So let’s switch back to the palette here. You have a really pretty nude and then you have this beautiful, plummy, burgundy color. It’s really so pigmented.

Yeah, I put a little of the nude color in the sort of center and that’s the nude. Really love these two, like, Sonjdra did such a beautiful job creating this palette with Deck of Scarlet, because the colors are so neat.

Oh, and this palette is cruelty free, vegan free and it’s made in the U.S. which I love that. And yeah, if you guys want to see how I created this makeup tutorial, just stay tuned.

So we’re going to start off with this color right here. It’s a bronzer. We’re going to be using it as, like, a transition shade and just like a nice wash all over the eye. And I’m picking up my Morphe E27 just warming up that eye socket.

We’re going to start smoking, well not smoking, we’re going to start placing a line of where we’re going to smoke that liner out.So I’m just picking up the black shade from the palette, super black, and we’re going to start right at the lash line and create kind of like you would a wing liner.

I’m starting a little bit further in than the middle because we’re going to go and get a really fine line with a liquid liner later on. And we have that line. I’m just cleaning off my brush just the excess.

I’m going to pick up this beautiful burgundy color right here.

Okay, so now what we’re going to do is start flicking this over. So take the very edges of that black and you’re just going to flick it. We’re going to blend that a little bit further. And it just kind of all melds together. So, if you do that first step it makes it a lot easier once you do this with this darker color, this outer portion here.

You guys should see what’s going on underneath. Like, my bottom half. I have Uggs on and long johns and pants on. It is so cold in New York. I look like… I just looked at the temperature and it’s 11. 11 degrees, so cold, but it’s actually better in my beauty room because I have all these lights on, so it usually gets really hot, but now it feels good.

Go back in with that brick red burgundy color and we’re going to just softly fade it into that middle part.

Now, we’re going to grab this pink shimmery color and we’re going to pop that on the lid.

My favorite way to apply the shimmer colors have been with a beauty blender and then just dampening it with some Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. You could also use your finger, but I have long nails so it makes it a little bit difficult sometimes, so this is a similar sort of finish that will give without using your finger. Just going to pop that right in the center.

And then we’re going to use the highlighter from the palette and pop that in the inner corner.

Okay, now we’re going to be using the Deck of Scarlet eyeliner, the black eyeliner. We’re going to be using, like, kind of on the outer rim on the inside on the water line and the same thing on the top. And that’s going to create even more of this, like, cat eye, smoked out, very almond shaped eye. Just like kind of blink a couple of times and it’ll just go through. So all underneath has this really dark rim.

I’m going to pick up 24-hour Colours Precise Eyeliner, and this is by Rimmel. Make sure you also just hit the very outside of it, not the whole thing, because you’re going to lose that sort of gradient effect. And you want to keep the line very thin for this sort of eye shape that you want to create.

Going with that bronzer shade, you’re going to go right underneath the eye, outer corner again with that black eyeliner. A really light hand with this, you can create a very smoky look with this eyeliner.

 I just placed some Lily lashes. These are the Twin Lash and I picked these lashes because they also have that shorter on the inside and very flared out, so it gives you that more of that cat eye. And I feel like it’s such a sexy look, like, that really winged out liner and the lashes and all those little tricks, so, yeah, let’s get on to the face.

Starting off with some foundation, this is Eve Pearl HD Foundation in the color medium, and I’m using a Royal & Langnickel prism set brush. This is an oval brush and just go ahead into town and blend away.

Now picking up Morphe Concealer and I am, this is my color deep, I am going to carve out some cheek bones, just darken a little bit, because I’m very fair right now. I do have a little bit of self-tanner on, but it’s still pretty fair. And now, I’m blending it with my contour brush from Eve Pearl as well as some concealer and this is their Salmon Dual Concealer and this is also in the color medium.

I placed a little bit of that first because I’m very fair right now, like I said, and I am very blue underneath the eyes to cancel that out.

And I also picked up Two Face Brunswick Concealer in the color light medium and I’m going underneath the eyes all the way the nose, cover completely the nose and now I’m just using a beauty sponge and go ahead and blend that out. Make sure it’s damp.

 And then I’m also cleaning up that liner and make it really nice and sharp. And go ahead, this is just what I do because I’m dark on those areas, a little bit of pigmentation, nobody wants to see that. And I went down the nose and here I’m creating just, like, a little of a button nose, and then just go ahead and soften it up with a beauty blender, or beauty sponge.

Now, I’m using Cover Effects Translucent Powder and I’m picking this up with the Cake and Bake Sponge and this is great to bake because it’s nice and sturdy and it’s like a very sharp line.

 Now I’m picking up the bronzer shade from the palette and I’m going to warm up that face and the forehead. Make sure it’s all cohesive so you don’t just have, like, dark contour and then nothing on the forehead.

Now, I’m picking up the Collaboration with Mariah Carey Cosmetics. Their blush is like beautiful pink blush, and I’m just going to go ahead and swipe that bigger, make those great faces. And now picking up the highlighter shade and go ahead and put that on the highest points of your cheekbones, a little bit on the tip of the nose and down the nose.

Now, I’m picking up the lip liner and I’m going ahead, and you can see right here as I was talking about in the beginning how easily that lip liner goes on. You’re just, like, barely touch it. And the darker your pressure is, the darker that lip liner gets, which I love that. I love lip liners that do that.

Lip liner Heartless

Now, I’m picking up the lipstick and I went a little bit for that pillow-y Angelina Jolie type of a lip where it has that little double bubble in the center, and then put the lighter, nude color on each side.

 And that is it, guys.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys later. Bye.