Youtuber cflowermakeup in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet brings you an incredible Purple halo tutorial. To recreate the look, watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

So, starting out with my lid primer by Smashbox. I’m going to take that and apply it all over my lid and then blend that out. The palette that I’m going to use today is the Deck of Scarlet palette in collaboration with BabsBeauty. It comes with three shadows, two cheek colors, two lip colors, and also a lip pencil. You can get this palette through a new subscription service. You get a new palette every two months for $30.

The first color I’m going to use is actually for the cheek color, but I’m going to use this as my transition color with a Sigma E38 blending brush. I’m just going to put that into my crease.

Then I’m going to take the shimmery purple shade, which is really pigmented and such a pretty purple. I’m going to take that with a Sigma E25 blending brush. I’m just going to apply it to the inner and outer corners, not going too far up. Then I’m just building that until I get the intensity that I want. Now, just to make the center color pop a little bit more, I’m going to take these Temptu liquid highlighting drops, and I’m going to apply it first to the center with a flat synthetic brush.

Then I’m going to take the two shimmery shades, mainly the peachy color, from the palette, but I’m also going to mix it in with a little bit of the highlight color. I’m going to apply that to the center.

Then just for the lower lash line, I just ran a little bit of that middle eye shadow color on my lower lash line.Then I blended it out with the cheek color and the transition shade that I used in the very beginning. For the inner corner of my eye, I just added a little bit of the highlight color from that palette.Then for my water line, I used a Smashbox…I’m not sure the name of this liner offhand, but it will be in the description box below. Then for a liquid eyeliner, I used the Sigma Line Ace, I think it’s called, in Legend, which is just black, and I just applied a wing. Then I added lower lashes from Lashes in a Box. Then my lashes were from Pure Cosmetics.

To warm up my face a little bit, I’m going to take the GirlactikMatte Bronzer in Cabo. I’m just going to do it very lightly. Can’t forget this double chin or this big forehead. I don’t really want to put any blush, but I think I’ll put the tiniest amount of this color. I think this is a blush. Then for the highlight, I’m going to use this Gilded color. This is a Makeup Forever 140 brush. [inaudible 00:05:29] with a little bit of Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Then take a little bit of that highlight down the center of my nose.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then for the lips, I’m going to use this…What is it?…One Stroke Graphic Lip Crayon in Mia just to line my lips and fill them in a little bit. That’s a little dark. I don’t think I want something… I’m going to go over it with Gerard Cosmetics Madison Avenue, I think. I’m going to spray everything with the Morphe Prep and Set Setting Spray.