A Mind-Blowing Step-by-Step Guide to Pink Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial brought to you by Victoria Lyn Beauty using Deck of Scarlet Nazanin Kavari Collab. In order to recreate the look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Hey beauties, and welcome back to my channel. So, today I’ve teamed up with Deck of Scarlet, to bring you guys this makeup tutorial. I’m going to show you how to get this soft pink, cut, crease using this new Deck of Scarlet pallet. So, for those of you who don’t know much about Deck of Scarlet, Deck of Scarlet is a subscription service, where every two months you get a pallet full of everything you need for a full face of glam. Which, I think, is an awesome deal. Just so you guys know, I do get this pallet a little bit before you guys do, so I can give you my thoughts on it, and tell you all about it. So, in this month’s pallet you get; two lip colors, you get a liquid liner, you get a highlighter, a blush, and three eye shadows. Each new Deck of Scarlet pallet is in collaboration with a YouTuber and this month’s Artist in Chief, is Nazanin Kavari. She is so beautiful and she created all the shades in this pallet. She chose all of them. If you guys want to see a look from her using the pallet, then be sure you check out her YouTube channel. I would absolutely love it if you guys would share this tutorial with her. I would love for her to see my look. That would be awesome. So, share it.

What I think is really cool about Deck of Scarlet, it’s amazing for those of you who are new to makeup and you feel a little bit overwhelmed with a lot of products. This is great, because you have everything you need right in here. You have all the stuff you need to do a full face. There really is nothing that could go wrong with something like this. So, that’s what I really love about it. A lot of these products are multi use. You can use them all over your face. Today I used an eye shadow for my contour. Before, in my past Deck of Scarlet’s, I’ve used a lip color as a liner. So, put it that way. A lot of these products are very multi use, so don’t restrict yourself. I also wanted to mention, if you’re like me and you love getting out of your comfort zone with products, and trying new things, this is definitely going to do this for you. When you get this pallet, the shades are really never repeated and everything is always very different. It’s very fun to see what the next pallet is going to be. I love playing with colors that I don’t normally wear, and trying new things.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, if you’re like me, you’ll totally love that. In most subscription services, you get sample sizes, but in this one, with Deck of Scarlet, you get full sized products every time. So, in this tutorial, I definitely go more in depth as far as quality; the color pigmentation, and everything you need to know about this pallet. But, I first wanted to say I think the artwork on this pallet and the photo, is really beautiful. I love the packaging this time around. It’s always really nice and sleek, but I think this is really beautiful and very artistic. All these Deck of Scarlet pallets are cruelty free, paraben-free, and they’re also made in the USA. As far as shipping, there’s free shipping in the United States; and there’s also shipping to Canada, and the UK as well. I’m going to have a link below for you guys to get the Deck of Scarlet pallets. So, check that out if you’re interested.

So, this is the fourth Deck of Scarlet pallet, and if you like a certain pallet you can actually buy it for $44.95 if you don’t want to subscribe, but you actually save money subscribing because you’ll only pay $29.95 every other month for your Deck of Scarlet subscription. Deck of Scarlet’s first colab was with KellyStrack, and that was their very first pallet. The second was with Sonjdradeluxe, and that was for the January-February pallet. The March-April edition pallet was made in collaboration with EvonWahab, and then May-June was with BabsBeauty. If you guys want to check any of these makeup videos using the Deck of Scarlet pallets, I’m going to link them down below in the description box.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Alright, beauties, I think it’s time to get into the makeup look. If you guys want to see how I got this beautiful, soft, pink cut crease, that I’m in love with, then please keep on watching. All right, so, I do have my foundation on and I have my brows on, so we can actually just hop right into the eye look. I’m really, really, excited about this pallet. It’s so beautiful, and the colors look amazing. Today I’m going a pink, kind of neutral, cut crease. So, the first shade I’m going to pick up and blend into the crease is Feeling Peachy. The shadow is blending super easy into my crease. It’s very smooth. I love that it has a little bit of shimmer in it, so you could actually pop it on your lid if you wanted to. If you wanted to do an all over peach look on your eye.  I think this is going to look gorgeous in the crease, once we go in and cut it with the darker shade called Taj.

Alright guys, so now that we have this beautiful wash of peach on the eyes, I’m going to go in and deepen the eyes up using the shade Taj. What I think is really cool about this shade is, if you kind of rock dark roots like me and you have dark brows, this is really a universal shade you could use on your brows as well as your eyes. So, I’m picking up this shade on more of like a flat brush. I’m going to go in and start sculpting out the crease. So, what I’m already really liking about the shade Taj, is that you can deepen it. So, I’m layering in some more color towards the outer wing of the crease, and then fading it in. It’s blending really nicely.

Alright, so we got the shape. We want the shadows blending really nicely. Now, I’m going to go in with some concealer to go in and cut against the shade Taj, which is the darkest color we used in the crease, it’s the brown.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, now we’re going to go in and we’re going to start playing with this really pretty color called Sho Cute. And this is a really beautiful baby pink. So, I’m going to pick this up and start popping this right onto the lid.  It’s just a beautiful baby pink color. It’s very, very light. Which I love, which makes it so wearable and pretty. It’s like a very girly pink.

So, our cut crease looks amazing. I’m so in love with these shades. I think they’re so pretty together and very girly. I’m going to add a wing, because I usually do with my cut creases. That’s why I leave them open. In this collab you get a long-lasting liquid eyeliner. It’s called Koko Kavari, which is super cute. It looks like it’s really sharp and it looks very precise. So, I’m going to go in and do my wing. This is like perfect wings and I really love this liner. It’s super thin, very precise and very black. Alright guys, I’m going to pop on some mascara and lashes and we can finish off the lower lash line.

Lashes are on, so now I’m going to grab this shade Feeling Peachy. I feel like this is going to be beautiful on the lower lash line. I’m just going to sweep this right along the lashes. Alright guys, the eyes are done. I’m just loving this cut crease. I can’t stop looking at it. I think it’s so pretty. The black liner was so impressive. I mean, look at this wing right now. It’s so black and it is really sharp. So, I’m just loving this liner. I am going to go in and add some mascara to my lower lashes and we can move onto face, and lips.

So just for fun, I’m actually going to pick up this shade called Taj and I’m going to use this to contour with. I definitely think you could do this because it’s so neutral, so I’m just going to grab a little bit of it, tap off my brush, and then go right up against my bronzer. Oh, my goodness, it does work. It totally works. So, you can have a really nice contour with this shade. Yep. It works. It really does work. It looks awesome.

So, we’re going to go in and highlight. I’m going to grab the shade Yasmin. This looks like a really beautiful, very nice, peachy, almost like a champagne color highlight. It goes really well with a lot of shades in this pallet. It’s very kind of pinky in a way. I’m going to apply this. Oh, my goodness this is so pretty. This really compliments my skin tone a lot. It’s really like a candle lit glow, it’s like a glow from within. I think it’s beautiful. I’m going to pick up a little more of that shade Yasmin. Just for fun, I’m going to place this right into the inner corner of the eye, because it is so beautiful on the face. I feel like it would really kind of light up the eyes, and it totally does.

For blush, there is a beautiful pink blush in this pallet called Baby Doll. I am a fan of pink blushes, I think they’re a really beautiful kind of girly touch to any look. So, I’m going to pick this up and apply it to my cheeks. This is a really nice, baby pink color, like Baby Doll. The blush is really pretty. It is a very nice baby pink color I just love pink blush, I feel like it’s a really nice pink shade. It complements the pink cut crease a lot. It’s just very girly. it’s very pretty. This pallet is very soft and beautiful. The colors are very hard to come by. I don’t see a lot of pallets with these pink colors in them. I personally, really love wearing them. I think they’re very girly and very pretty, and of course soft and beautiful for summer.

We have two lip colors in this pallet. We have the Birthday Suit lip color, and this looks like a really nice, neutral, warm, nude. And then we have more or a peachy pink, a really gorgeous color, and this is called Majesty. So, I’m actually going to wear both of them. I’m going to go in with Birthday Suit first. Wow and these are really creamy. I just barely touched this, and look how creamy it is. I like that they are creamy, because I personally love my lips to look really hydrated. So, I’m liking that.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, now we’re going to go in with Majesty, which is the corally pink. I’m going to pop this right in the center of the lips. It’s almost like a corally pink. I think it is so nice. I love colors like this on myself. So, I’ll totally be wearing that color majesty a lot. I think it looks really nice kind of blending on top of Birthday Suit, because it gives it more of like a nude feel. So, you can wear them by themselves, but I do think them mixed together is very beautiful.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I definitely think that Nazanin picked the most beautiful colors. I think that these are very girly. They’re very summery. They’re very pretty and soft and they are very wearable. Pink is a bright shade when you think of it. This is a very beautiful muted pink that is so wearable and is very soft on the eyes. I really liked it and what I do think is awesome about it is, the shade Taj. you can use it as a contour. I think the colors in here are suitable for so many different age groups. I think a young high-schooler, someone like that, this would look amazing every day. You have everything you need in here for a beautiful soft look. Then, someone like me, I’m in my 20’s, I’m 21, I think this is perfect for everyday wear. If you’re going to work, you can tone down this look completely and put maybe the pink on your lid. Or, peach. Then for those of you who are older than me, more mature skin, I think this is beautiful because it is soft. You can’t go wrong with a soft beautiful look.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

That brings me to talk about the liner. I do think the liner is an awesome asset to this pallet, because I use liquid liner all the time. Almost every day. I’m very particular with my liquid liners and I love this one. it was so black. The wing is so sharp. This was really precise, the brush tip on it, very thin and precise. I wish a lot of my liners were like that.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

By far, this is my favorite collab that Deck of Scarlet has done yet. I think that these colors are beautiful, and I’m totally going to be wearing them more. I love the look I created today. So, I give this definitely a ten. I don’t really have any complaints at all when it comes to this pallet. I think it’s beautiful. So, if you guys are interested in subscribing to Deck of Scarlet, I’m going to have all that information down below in the subscription box. So, check it out if you like. So, if you guys like my look today, don’t forget to like this video. Give a big thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t, and I’ll see you guys in my next tutorial.

deck of scarlet makeup palette