The young and talented Anya Rebke reviewed Deck of Scarlet NAZANIN KAVARI PALETTE No.03 palette and came up with this lovely PEACHY LOOK for summer. In order to recreate the makeup look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hi guys. Welcome back to my You Tube channel. So, today I’m here with another video. So, yeah, I’m here with another video to show you guys a palette that I got sent from the Deck of Scarlet. This one. And I’m going to be reviewing it. I’m going to be testing it. I’m going to be, like, giving my honest opinions about it and I’m going to see if I really like it. So, let’s get started.

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Here’s the packaging that I got sent from the Deck of Scarlet. And when you open it, it says, “You’re in. Win a one year subscription. Show your best looks on Instagram and type @Deck of Scarlet #Scarletlooks. So, yeah. Like that.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, this little leaflet and it’s featuring the beautiful Nazanin Kavari. This palette I’m reviewing is Deck of Scarlet featuring the Nazanin Kavari, beautiful girl. Yeah. I’ve got a little note. It’s so cute. It says, “Anya, enjoy our new July to August palette. Thanks for the love. XO, Team Scarlet. Hey, Team Scarlet.

You open it. A really good package, actually. I really like it because it’s simple and I’m simple and it’s got my sort of colors. Okay, when you open it you get the palette and you get a really nice eyeliner. Oh my god. Ooh… Yeah. So, this is the palette. This is the cover of it. It says, “Get your pink on.” [INAUDIBLE 00:01:48] fabulously flirty. It’s like, I want to be flirty, flirty, flirty and [INAUDIBLE 00:01:54] You take it out. I think this palette’s really good. I haven’t… Yeah, okay. So, this is the palette. On the back, it says, “Edition number three.” So, yeah. So, this is the palette. Guess what? Guess what? Look. Okay. Look. Here. Oy…oy…

So, when you open it, there’s two little, you know, you can close that, close that, open that. It comes with a little mirror. It comes with, like, the cover, which I don’t need. Lip colors here, which are, like, my sort of colors. Like the nude brown sort of thing. Pinky going on. These are…that’s blush, that’s highlight and these are the eye shadows which I think are so cute. I really love this peachy color. Because I love peach. I just love peach. So, yeah. And it comes with a little mirror which I think is really clever. Because, like, if you’re… It’s really small, so it’s, like, compact. So, if you travel you could just take this away for simple looks you want to do every day. If you’re going away for a few days, this is the perfect palette. Yeah.

I just want to swatch them first, to see how pigmented they really are. Oh, that was one swipe. Okay. I see where we’re going with this. Okay. Let’s see this. Ooh…a bit… This one’s a bit crumbly. This one. Hm… You can see, like, the chalkiness of it…but it’s so pigmented so I couldn’t care less. Really fall out-y. That… It’s only that one, though, so it’s weird.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

[INAUDIBLE 00:03:30] brushes, which are in here. I’m going to be using all of these colors. I’m going to be highlighting, blushing, all of that. I’ve already done my contour and everything. So, that’s all good.

One, for my crease, just to give it a bit more definition and make it look a bit more lifted. With my [INAUDIBLE 00:03:45] definer brush. That was, like, a monologue. Oh my god.

I think this is the perfect brown, already. Oh, I really like this brown. I just want to keep putting it on. It’s a nice brown. It’s a very nice pigment. Like, it goes on straight away. If you want to build it up, you can build it up. If you don’t and you just need, like, one little swipe. Not too heavy or it’s not too, like, you can’t see it. Like, you can see it. You can build it up. Anything. It’s just really nice.

My crease. I’m going to be taking Feeling Peachy…on my lid. I’m just going to use my finger for that. This is my favorite one. Oh my god. Let’s blend that in a bit. It’s so pigmented. I love it. But, if you blend it, you got to be careful because it does wipe off a bit. That is a really nice peachy color. Oh my god. So nice. Not too much but then it’s not too subtle. A really nice blend, actually, once you build it up. I’m in love. This is, like… This would be my summer go to look. With this color. This color is so, like, nice. You want to lick it. Like, literally.

So, I’ll go over it. I’m going to take the pink eye shadow, Sho Cute. It’s so cute. Sho Cute, I mean. This one. And, what I’m going to do, okay, is I’m going to put it in the inner corner of my eye just so it pops out more but it’s got a color pop out, if you get what I mean. It’s just this one that falls out a lot. I don’t know if you can see that. The [INAUDIBLE 00:05:26] I don’t know if you can see that. I’m going to put that here.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Oh, now, for the underneath, I’m going to be taking some Taj and I’m putting that underneath, underneath, underneath. So it just looks a bit more smokier. Under, like, halfway, not all the way. Because I’m going to do something in there. The pink. From halfway into there. If you can get what I mean.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

The eyeliner is… It’s called Cocoa Kavari which is so cute. It is long lasting liquid eyeliner and, yeah. Let’s see how this goes. Because I want to see how pigmented it is. If it will last.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Oh, there’s loads and loads of fall out on my nose. So, I think, with this palette, you would rather have to put the eye shadow on first and then do your base. But that eye shadow, that peach color, has just stole my heart. That is my favorite one. It is Sho Cute. But it’s a lot of fall out. That’s the only thing.

[INAUDIBLE 00:06:45] I just want to see how pigmented that is, with my finger. It’s quite like baby pinky and subtle. Oh, that’s so cute. I would use this as an eye shadow lid sort of thing. It’s very subtle.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Rosiness to your cheek. So it would be really nice if you just put your moisture…you BB cream and then a bit of this blush on and it would just look so cute and glowy. Like, you can see the glow in it. It’s so cute. This one is light. And, let’s see. Hm…hey, hey. Oh… I’m giving myself a Rudolph. I don’t care but this is so flipping nice.

Alright, let’s try… I want to try a blending brush. Like, you know, for my cheeks. Let’s actually try my… I’m going to try my finger with this highlighter on my…one cheek, just to see the difference with a brush. It’s really nice. That’s really nice. That’s really, really nice. Like, you can build it up and everything.

Let’s try a blending brush. I want to see how this works. Whoa…okay. Whoa. Okay, let’s try this. You… It’s just the push up Angel Maybelline mascara. My favorite one. Where’s the sun gone?

I feel like this look would look nice in summer with mascara but then I’d love it with long, fluttery lashes. So. There, so the eyes are complete. I love the pea… The peach color is my favorite. Both of the upper colors are so flipping cute. Like, they are so cute. They are very pigmented as well. I really like them.

Now, for the two lip colors. Oh, so pretty. I’m going to mix both of them together. So… I’m going to take a little lip brush from Real Techniques. This is the detailer brush but I want to use it as a lip brush. So…

So, yeah, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to take Birthday Suit, which is this brown one. I’m going to start off by putting that on the outer corner. Oh my god, that is so creamy. Whoa. This color makes your lips look plumply…plumpy, automatically. Look at that. That is so cute. They’ve done this very clever because it goes with, like, the peachy and the pink colors. I think I’ll put that all over my lip, actually. Now I’m going to take the other side of the brush and I’m going to take majesty, which is this pink one, and put it on the top. So it’s like an ombre thing. The color coordination of this palette is so good. It’s my sort of colors.

You can see that. you can see it. Eh? my earring just fell out.

So, overall, this palette and the eyeliner, I absolutely love. The only thing is one of the colors are really fall out-y. If you get what I mean. Like, they fall out. So, I’d rather do the eye shadow before I put on the makeup but other than that, I’m absolutely in love with this palette. Like, literally. They’re all my favorite colors. Like, everything in this palette is my favorite color.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Link in the description will be comment, like, in my… Link will be in my description below, but… A link will be in my descrip… The link for this will be in my description below. So, if you want to purchase this and, like, recreate the look I did…because I absolutely love this palette. I’m not even joking. You know how honest I am. I’m not even joking to you. This is, like… It’s not my favorite palette, but it’s amazing. I do love it. It is so nice. I love the lip colors. I love, like, the eye shadow. The eye liner is amazing. The highlighter… It’s so… It’s just… I… It’s sick, for a holiday. I would take this on holiday.

So, if you want to purchase this, the link will be in my description box. So, yeah, that is the end of this video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thank you, Deck of Scarlet and Nazanin Kavari, for sending me this palette. I absolutely love it but, yeah, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you all soon.