Are you a makeup beginner? If so, please watch the video created by beauty vlogger ModernDayShivalry in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet to learn how you can create multiple looks with only one makeup palette. To recreate the look, please read the transcript of the video and the step by step images.


Hi everybody. Welcome back to my channel. So today, I’m doing a sort of like a sultry, burgundy look for you guys. Valentine’s Day is coming up so this is kind of perfect for that. But I partnered with Deck of Scarlet, who have sent me this lovely January, February subscription of their Deck of Scarlet palette.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m going to discuss it all throughout the video. I’m going to show you everything about it and discuss it and make sure you guys get all the information you need about it, because this face was literally done with just this palette. So if you want to know how to get this look and learn more about Deck of Scarlet, just keep watching.

Okay, so firstly, I want to discuss that Deck of Scarlet is a makeup subscription so every other month, meaning every two months, you’ll get a new Deck of Scarlet palette. And it’s$29.95. And here I’m showing you guys the beautiful packaging. I’ve taken it out of its box and wanted to show you guys what it actually looks like.

And so, it comes with three eye shadows, two cheek colors, two lip colors and two pencils. And one is an eyeliner pencil in black, and one’s a lip pencil. And this all will change every subscription that you get. You get different colors so you’ll be able to achieve different looks. And it’s super sleek. It’s like a matte black package. It’s really nice, bright, colorful and it’s also good for every day beginners of using makeup. I so recommend trying to get a subscription with Deck of Scarlet.

Also, on top of that, it’s free shipping. You can cancel it at any time or skip a palette if you don’t like the colors, which is super nice, because not every color is going to work for everybody. And every palette is 100% cruelty free, paraben free and it’s also made in the U.S.A.

And one of the things I actually really love about Deck of Scarlet is that they release a new palette in collaboration with one of the top YouTuber, which I think is really awesome because people need, who need more makeup experience like I’ve said before can get a full tutorial on just one palette. And it can be done by their favorite YouTubers, hopefully I’m one of yours.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, for example, this collaboration for the January, February edition is made in collaboration with SonjdraDeluxe.

deck of scarlet makeup colors

 If you guys know her, subscribe, she helped collaborate with this palette.

 And of course, not to worry if you’ve missed the first palette, you can always order it online. If you have a specific favorite palette. So make sure to check out the website, which I’ll link down below.

So to start off with the palette, I’m going to take the bronzing color called Montego Bay and I’m just going to apply that and contour all over my face.

I like doing an all over bronze for this because we are using some burgundies in there, so I don’t want to make the contour too harsh. I just want to make it all blended and kind of warm up the face with an all over bronze. Plus, I just kind of love doing this on an everyday and on top of that, if you’re a beginner with makeup, doing an all over bronze is a really, really good way to learn where to bronze, how to bronze, and just like get you started, before you kind of get into contouring without really knowing what you’re doing. So, and as you can see, this bronzing shade is perfect for my skin tone at least it really warmed up my face really quickly.

Next, I’m going to take the highlighting shade called Shimmy Shimmy Ya, super cute.

highlighting shade

As you can see, like this is such a beautiful, perfect highlight. It is so natural. It’s not overdone. You can always layer more if you want more on top as I’m doing. And you can, like, layer it, like once if you really wanted to.

perfect makeup highlight

But I’m just applying this on the highlights of my cheekbones, my nose, my cupid’s bow, and kind of like a little bit around my forehead and my chin, just to give me that natural glow, so it’s not super harsh. This is also a really, really good way to learn how to highlight, so, good practicing gets you places.

For the eyes, I’m going to move on to using a Montego Bay.

I’m going to kind of collaborate them together to create this sort of warm toned burgundy shade.

Just to kind of see what these colors look like. So, I’m applying this with a real, like a fluffy brush from BH Cosmetics, and as you can see in my face, my facial expression, I was so shocked to see how pigmented these are. So I’m taking a little slow now, now knowing how pigmented these colors are, and they’re beautiful. They’re so gorgeous. I don’t think the camera really does this justice because it is a little bit more pigmented than what is showing on camera.

But I’m learning this slowly and I’m applying this all over my crease and leaving a little bit of a gap on my lid, because I’ll be placing a highlighted, shimmery color there. But I’m just blending this out and I’m really, really sculpting my eyelids with this color.

Next, on a flat shader brush, I’m going to be taking the color Maya and I’m going to be applying this on the, like, main parts of my lid, like, right in the middle, just to catch the highlight. And as you can see, I can’t even handle how beautiful this color is.

Shader brush

Now taking Montego Bay and EH! together on a pencil brush, I’m just going to apply this on my lower lash line, just to make sure everything is cohesive and blends together.

And so I’m not left with a bare lid, because I’m trying to make this, like, a sultry sort of look, but also something very simple that you guys can start off with as a base to using the palette.

Now on a fluffy brush, I’m just taking the highlight shade, Shimmy Shimmy Ya again and applying that on my brow bone and in the inner corners just to highlight and clean up any sort of crease shade that may have been a little too high on my eyelid.

Highlight shade

 So this is a little trick for those of you beginning with eye shadow.

 Now taking an angled brush, I’m going to dip into black roses.

Black roses eye shadow

It’s just a black matte eye shadow and I’m going to apply this on my lash line and I’m kind of sort of making it so it’s not smudgy, more so that it is a straight line, but it’s okay if you do smoke this out, because it is a free-flowing sultry look.

I’m just lining my upper lash line. I’m kind of creating a little bit of a wing at the end, just to kind of add a little more definition and make my eyes look a little cat eye-ish. I love doing this trick. If you guys have watched my videos, I love doing this over, doing like a liquid or gel eyeliner especially when I’m on the go, and I still want to have some sort of eyeliner on my lash line and my eyelids. So this is an easy way to go. And it’s definitely good for traveling and stuff when you have to do quick looks, as well.

Cat eye

Now taking Anarchy, which is the black pencil eyeliner, I’m just going to tightline my upper lash line and halfway tight line my lower lash line.

Black pencil eyeliner

This is again going to emphasize the cat eye. It’s going to make it all sultry and smoky. And it’s just going to make my eyes a little bit smaller looking, because they are quite rounded. So I like to do this just to slightly add some definition on the lower lash line and to make my eye shape a little more of an almond. As you can see, it does make a big difference. It’s like one of the easiest tricks in the book to make and change your eye shape.

Now, I’m quickly just applying some black mascara on my lower lash line and I’m avoiding my upper lashes, because I am wearing lash extensions, so I don’t really want to put any mascara on them.

Black mascara

Now, I’m going to be taking the Deck of Scarlet lip liner in Heartless.

Lip liner

 This is kind of like a rosy, brown lip liner. It’s beautiful. You can wear this totally on your own if you like.

I’m just going to line my lips with it and fill in the corners and blend it in with my fingertips just to add as a base for my lipstick. This is just going to make lipstick last longer. This color is beautiful. The texture is really smooth. I didn’t expect it to be too smooth. My lips take to lip liner really roughly because they are really on the dry side, even though no matter how much I moisturize them.

Lip liner

So it was just really smooth and easy to wear, which is so important to me. So again, this is just a trick. If you don’t like wearing too much of a heavy lip color you can always just do this.

Heavy lip color

Now, I’m taking the lip color rue, and I’m just going to apply this with a lip brush all over my lips and this is a very, very silky, smooth lip cream.

Creamy lip color

It kind of acts like a liquid lipstick, almost. It is so soft, so smooth, and really easy to apply. And it is really pigmented, as well. I only picked up a little bit of this, just to double check to see that I’m not overdoing it. You can always layer on more.

And I also applied the same color rue on my cheeks very, very lightly, just to add as a little blush. So just because it doesn’t really have a blush doesn’t mean you can’t alternate the colors and the shades in the palette. So that’s another really big reason why I love this palette.

Red lip makeup look

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Makeup look

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Deck of Scarlet Makeup Palette