Youtube beauty blogger Fictionally Flawless has created this Makeup Tutorial: Date Night Makeup look in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet makeup palette which was made in collaboration with @evonwahab. This makeup look was created by using all the products in the palette. In order to recreate the look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hey, guys and welcome back to my channel. Well, as you guys can tell, I am not in my room right now. Well, I’m in my old room that Simas Corner took over. So, yeah, I just stayed over at my parent’s house and I really, really needed to do this makeup update. So basically, every other month you pay a fee of $29.95, and every other month you get a palette which they have made in collaboration with a makeup artist that you probably know. So, this month’s was Evon Wahab, which you guys already know. And, yeah, so in collaboration with her, Deck of Scarlet came out with this palette. So, I’m going to be doing a look with this palette today, guys.

So, inside the packaging, it looks like this. It’s actually really pretty. So, this contain…it comes with two different lip colors, and three different eyeshadows, a contour color, a highlight color, and eyeliner as well as a lip liner. So, Evon did do a makeup look with this palette, and she created a day look and then a night look. So, I didn’t want to do the same thing because that is what I…that was what I was planning to do originally. I didn’t want to do the same exact thing as her because she ended up using the same colors that I was going to use. So, I decided today to create this look which basically incorporates every single color and everything that was in the palette.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I basically used every single product that they sent in this box and I applied it on my face to create this look. So, I just wanted to show you guys how I did that. My honest opin…my honest opinion of this palette is that I do actually really, really like it. The colors are very, very smooth. The lip colors, you guys will see in this video, I fell in love with. They are so smooth and creamy. The lip cream is amazing. Then I’m going to leave their link and everything down below so you guys can go check them out.

So, I’m going to get started on this look and I hope you guys keep watching. So, if you guys like this video, don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. And I’ll see you guys soon Okay.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, as you guys can already tell, I already did my eyebrows and my concealer just because it saves so much time, and you try doing your eyebrows on camera. With my NARS foundation and I’m just going to apply it with my beauty blender.

Next, I’m going in with Sandstorm and applying it the hollows of my cheek; actually works like a really, really, really good contour color for all skin types.

Next, I’m taking Halo and applying it as a highlighter on my cheekbones. Next, I’m going in with my lip liner. So, the lip liner is kind of like a brownish mauve color.

Next, I’m going in with the color, Almond, which is this lip cream color right here. Most days, I would actually leave my lips like this because I love this color and it’s so creamy and so moist. Like, it leaves my lips so moisturized. Because I’m trying to use the entire palette, I’m going to go in with Coral Kiss as well and apply that right in the middle.

So, for my eyes, I’m going to start off with actually using my Deck of Scarlet eyeliner. I’m going to start by applying it on my waterline. So, the color is this greenish color called, Chameleon.

I’m going to start off with using the Halo highlighter and applying in my inner corners as well as under my brows.

Next, I’m taking Sandstorm, the color that I used for my contour and applying it all over my lid but very, very lightly; just as a base for my color.

Now starting from the inner corners, I’m going to apply Sunshine and blend that out. This orangey color.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Next, taking Mermaid, the other color, dab that right in the middle of my lid. Next, going in with Fudge, which is a brown. I’m going to apply that in my crease and blend that out and in. Now going back in with Mermaid, I’m just applying that in my outer corners and blending it in.

Now taking Sunshine, the orange, I’m just going to dab it just a little bit underneath my eyes.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

It’s time for my liquid liner. Now the liquid liner does not, unfortunately, come with the set, but I’m just going to go ahead and apply my normal liquid liner. Now just applying a coat of mascara. Lastly, lashes.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, so with my lashes on, it’s going to take a little while to dry, but this is about it for today’s look, guys. There’s a lot of different looks that you can create with this palette, but I just wanted to create a look incorporating all the colors just to show you guys that you can use all the colors in one look. So, yeah, this about it for today’s look, guys. Hope you guys liked the video and if you guys did, don’t forget to give me a thumbs-up, subscribe to my channel below, follow me on Instagram, and share the video with your family and friends. So, until next week, people, keep smiling and peace out.