Deck of Scarlet has teamed up with YouTube beauty guru BabsBeauty @babsbeauty to bring you Matte Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial. If you want to recreate the look using your Deck of Scarlet palette, you can read the transcript of the video and watch the step by step images.


Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m doing a tutorial on the look I’m wearing right now. It is a matte, kind of burgundy with a black, I would say smoky eye. I didn’t do a wings liner. I’m trying hard to do a wings liner in every look, which is really hard for me, because I feel like it completes the look. I am using this Deck of Scarlet palette.

This is a new collaboration with SonjdraDeluxe, which she is my heart. I met her in Miami and she was so beautiful, so nice, and she was really the most memorable person that I met on the trip. It was my first trip ever. I was scared to death and she made me feel comfortable. We talked a lot. We took shots and she’s gorgeous, inside and out. So anything just for her, I’m totally down.

The Deck of Scarlet is a subscription service essentially for makeup palettes. They do palettes every two months, so it’s bi-monthly. And the cool thing is that they collab with YouTubers. The first month was Kelly Strack who I met in L.A. which was… She was so sweet and then this is SonjdraDeluxe this month. Basically, how it works is every two months they send you a palette. It’s $29.95, free shipping. You can cancel anytime if you don’t want to, or you can skip a palette, which I really like, because if you kind of aren’t feeling the colors, or you feel like you’re just kind of drowning in palettes, you can skip a palette.

Each palette comes in a little box with a sleeve like this, which is really beautiful. Sonjdra said she put roses on there because she does have rose tattoos. I thought that was a nice touch. And when you pull it out, it looks like this. So it’s really cute. It’s really sleek and it feels expensive, which is what I like about this.

When you open it up, it does have a mirror, and then in here, we have a blush, and a highlight. And then, we have three eye shadow shades. Kind of the goal is to not have a palette of 25 shades of eye shadow for beginners who are like, what do I use. These creators are making these palettes so only it has three shades, so it’s very, like, easy, so you know that these are the three shades that are going to work together. This is all you need. You don’t need anything else. And everybody’s palette is different which is cool, too.

So along with the face products and the shadows, you do get two lip colors. We have a light nude and a deep burgundy shade. These are really creamy. These are not going to dry down matte. They’re almost like lipsticks de-potted, so they’re really creamy, really opaque, and then you get a lip liner and you get an eyeliner. So you get everything that you need. I’ll leave all the info down below if you’re interested in trying Deck of Scarlet and let’s jump into the tutorial.

Alright, guys. We’re going to jump into the tutorial. I’m starting off with the blush shade. It’s called Montego Bay and I’m going to use a fluffy brush.

This is an Eddie Funkhouser brush which I really like and I’m just going to sweep this all across the crease and kind of the in the hollow of my eye. I find that when I do that, I sweep it up a little bit higher than my crease that it transitions better.

 So after that, I’m going to go back into the palette, and I’m going to go into the second shade which called is called EH!, and that is so Sonjdra because she is known for like saying that, so I’m going to take this onto my outer corner and I’m going to really kind of just build it on the outer V, and then blend.

 And then, you see me here sweeping it in. But again, I’m sweeping it a little bit higher than my actual crease. I’m going more in the hollow of my crease. I don’t know if you can see, but so, I’m just kind of keeping it a little bit higher on the inner corner than I typically would. You usually see me keep adding a color and then again blending it in to the hollow of my crease.

 So it’s really nice that you can kind of pat these on and then blend and pat them on and blend. And they blended nicely. I didn’t have any issues.

 I felt like everything looked really nice and vibrant, so I just keep building up that color and then we are going to go into the black which is just called Black Roses.

Again with the rose theme. And I am going to use a more concentrated brush. I’m really just going to dot it on a little bit, and then I’m going to sweep in very small circular motions.

 You see me switching brushes back and forth because I want to make sure I blend this. Black can be really hard to work with. So, just do the best that you can and make sure that you’re blending as much as possible.


And then I just decided I’m going to do a thin line on my eyes. Like, I’m not doing a wing. I’m just going to kind of do that so I can get my lashes on and looking right.

So I’m using these lashes from Loco. These are my favorite style. A few different companies have these lashes, but I couldn’t find them recently so I bought some more from this brand, who I’ve bought from before, and they’ve had great customer service and everything’s been good. So now I’m going to wipe away the powder I was baking with. I’m just using a real technique’s brush and you just want to use light pressure, because you don’t want to sweep away any of your concealer or anything, and just dust that off.

And now, I’m going to bronze up my face. I’m using the Tarteist Contour Kit. Why did I say bronze up my face? I’m contouring my face before we go on, yes. I’m contouring my face and I think Ian was talking to me, so I looked to the right. I was like, what do you want? So I’m just going to do my usual contour and then I’m going to go into this Two Face Sweet Peach palette. I really like this bronzer, particularly, it just gives you a nice glow.

 So I’m going to use this and a big fluffy brush. I believe this is from Japonesque. And I am just going to buff all around my face. You see me chiseling out the under my chin just to make sure we look a little bit thinner than maybe we really are.


Sonjdradeluxe palette

And then, I’m going to go back in the palette, and I’m going to use Montego Bay. This is a blush, bronzer hybrid depending on your skin tone.

So I’m using it as a blush. I’m just going to put that on the apples of my cheeks and kind of sweep it back to mesh with my contour and then I’m going to go into this red shade again.

 So we’re going to start on the lower lash line here.

And I’m using a pencil brush and I’m going to sweep this pretty tightly on the lower lash line and just keep going back and forth until I feel like it’s deep enough.

I went back and forth a few times, but just blow it out as far as you’d like to. And then, I decided to go in with this shade, which is so pretty. It’s called Maya.

 I had a picture on Instagram where I had this palette on last week, and I used Maya all over the lid, it’s very, very pretty, like shimmery, pinky maroon color.


So I just swept that on the lower lash line just to give it a little bit of sparkle and then I’m going to go in with that black and using a really small brush.

And I’m just kind of sweeping this on the lower, like, I would say outer three-quarters of my eye, just to get a little bit more definition.

And now, I am going to wipe away all the powder that I had on my face, just to make sure that everything looks blended and nice and seamless and we are going to go in for a highlight.

So this is the highlight from the palette. It’s called Shimmy Shimmy Ya and that’s such a cute name.

And I thought this was going to be really subdued, but actually you can build it up.

I kind of went a little subdued in this video, but in my picture on Instagram, you’ll be able to find it if you just go to my Instagram, I really built it up. And it’s really, really pretty, and what I like about it is it doesn’t add texture. It’s not chunky, so that’s really nice for people that don’t like chunky glittery, it’s more of a sheen.


So now I’m going to line my lips just with a nude lip liner and then I decided to go in with the liner from this collection. It’s called Heartless.

 It’s darker lip liner. I think it’s more meant for the deep lip color, but I decided to just add it on the outer corners of my lips.

 And I’m going to use a lip brush just to blend it out. And in hindsight, I overlined my top lip like a mother F’er, so I apologize for that. It is what it is, so my lips are going to look huge in this video.

So anyways, I’m going in with my lip stain. As per usual, you guys know, I like, have to. I just can’t live without it. And then, I decided to go in with the color from the palette. It’s a nude. It’s called Scrumptious.

I love this. It’s beautiful, so I’m just using a lip brush that I had on hand. And I’m going to layer it up. These are like de-potted lipsticks, so they’re creamy and pigmented and they don’t dry down matte, so they just feel moisturizing and nice. So I just added it on.

 And then I decided I needed a little bit more highlight, because why not? So you see me here adding more highlight just making sure that I’m glowing. And then, that’s basically it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I love you guys. Alright guys. That is it for me. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial with no winged liner and no crazy pigments. It really shows you that you can work with three eye shadows and really get it done.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed that. I will have Deck of Scarlet linked down below. Let me know if you had a great New Year’s. This is a new year. Hopefully, we can all achieve our goals. I love you guys. I’ll see you in the next video.