The gorgeous and super talented Simply Shanalee used Deck of Scarlet NAZANIN KAVARI PALETTE No.03 palette to create this Glowy Peach Summer Makeup look. In order to recreate the makeup look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to do a super easy makeup tutorial. It’s like a summery, no makeup, makeup look I guess you can call it. I’m really excited to share with you guys this makeup look because it’s brought to you buy Deck of Scarlett. If you don’t know what Deck of Scarlett is, check out my description box for more information about how you can sign up for your very own subscription box.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Deck of Scarlett basically is like high end makeup brought to you ever two months. This product alone is very versatile because it comes with a few different products which I am going to show you guys and everything that’s in this box costs less than like one thing that you would normally get at a Sephora or maybe even an Ulta. Each palette is a collaboration with a YouTuber here on YouTube so that’s really cool. So, this is what it looks like when you open it up.

You get this Deck of Scarlett. The artist in chief for this palette that I have right now is Nazanin Kavari. She looks very pretty. Does come with this little Styrofoam divider and a really, really cool packaging for this month. Wow. I don’t think they have had a white box like this so this is really different. But it does have all the ingredients on the back of the palette flip and it does have a little description about the palette. I’m going to open this bad boy up.

So, it opens up like this and it does come with a highlighter, a blush, three eye shadows, and two different lip colors. It does have a little film here that I will take off. Comes with a giant mirror and this is what the palette looks like untouched. Has majesty which is a really pretty chorally pinky type of color. A little bit of peach in it. It has birthday suit which is more of a nude brown color. Show Cute which is literally show cute is a pink shimmery color. It has Taj which is more of a dusty type of toppy brown color. Matte. And then also feeling peachy which basically is just a shimmery peachy color. It is so pretty. Comes with Yasmine which is her sister. Pretty highlighter and also Baby Doll which is a Baby Doll pink blush. In this box it does also come with an eye liner and this is a liquid eye liner which a super fine precise sharp tip. Wow. And it’s also brown. I was lucky enough to get a discount code for you guys so I will put that on the screen or down below in my description box but I am so excited and ready to get into this really easy summer makeup tutorial using all of the Deck of Scarlett products. My skin I kind of acting up right now so I will do everything with no foundation. Oh my god.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I’m going to start off with my eyes. I’m not going to prime them or anything because this is a superfast, easy summer makeup look. So the first thing I’m going to do is take a little bit of Taj right there and I’m going to just take that on a fluffy brush and I’m going to apply that all over my eyes and into my crease just to give a little definition.

You can also use these for different parts of your face like this Taj color is such a nice brown tone that I think I can get away with even wearing it as a contour shade. Quick but cute makeup look.

Next color I’m going to take is Feeling Peachy and it’s this really pretty shimmery color right here. I’m going to take that on my finger. So buttery smooth that it will just stay on your finger and I’m going to pat that on my lid. It’s so pretty. I’m going to do that again for this eye. Super easy. I like it. I don’t normally wear peach tones so this is a little bit out of my comfort zone but it’s really cute.

Now I’m going to take a little bit of Yasmine right down here and put this on my brow bone as a really cute high light. This adds just the slightest little hint of shimmer but peachiness. I’m going to move onto my face now.

I’m going to take a little bit of this Baby Doll right here. Super bright pink and I’m going to add that to the apples of my cheeks just to give my face a little bit of color. Very lightly because I do have discoloration already. This is so cute. This is too adorable.

I’m going to go in with this Taj color again right here on this angled brush and use it as a contour now. That’s what I love about Deck of Scarlett and with all of these products is that it’s so interchangeable. And as you see, it just adds that little bit of shadow that we need without being too much. Just to turn it up a little. I’m going to take a little bit of Yasmine again and I’m just going to apply this in my inner corners as a highlight. Right in the inner tear duct.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

To finish off this really natural look, I’m just going to spool up my eyebrows so that they look really feathered for a nice like [INAUDIBLE 00:06:01] type of look and I’m going to go in with some bronzing powder and just… The Deck of Scarlett eyeliner. This is a long lasting, liquid eyeliner in cocoa Kavari and it is brown eyeliner. I love this because it’s super, super sharp and because it is brown. Because it’s not black, I can use this to do multiple things like add freckles which is what I’m going to do today and also a wing liner so I’m going to start off with a wing liner.

Wow this is highly, highly pigmented and super sharp. Oh my god. Swirl our finger in this. Talk about pigmentation. Holy crap. This is such a pretty color.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Honestly, I’m just going to take this elf highlighter and apply a little bit to my cheeks and then over it, I’m going to set it with Yasmine. So first, we’re going to take this highlight. And we’re just going to go in right there with Yasmine and we’re going to apply this to the wet highlighter so that we get more of a boom. Oh wow. That is pretty. We’re going to sweep this across the tops of the eyebrows for a nice a highlight.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I hope you liked this tutorial. Let me know down below what you guys want to see next. Big thank you to Deck of Scarlett and congratulation to Nazanin Kavari for this collaboration. It’s so dope.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Again, I’m just going to recap what you guys get. This is a every two month subscription box so you will get this every two months and it comes with two different lip colors. Three different eye shadows. One highlight and one blush all along with a brown liquid liner which is sharp, it’ll cut you. It won’t actually cut you but I’m just saying. Thank you guys so much for joining me here today on simply Simple Shanalee and I will see you in my next vide. Bye, guys.