Watch how the beauty vlogger Kathryn Bedell achieved this GLOSSY LID BEGINNER FRIENDLY EYESHADOW Makeup Look using only the Deck of Scarlet palette and some lip gloss. Recreate this look with the help of the transcript of the video + images with the steps:

Hey, ladies! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s make-up tutorial is on this glossy-lid look. I think this look is super beginner-friendly, because no matter how you apply your eyeshadows on your lid, as long as you guys know how to put lip gloss on your lips, you should be an expert at putting it on your lids. That is really what’s going to give this eye look its emphasis. If you’re not that good with working with eyeshadows just yet, this may be the perfect look for you. Once you throw that lip gloss on top, nobody’s going to be worried about the eyeshadows underneath. Today’s look is in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet. They sent me over their July and August palette.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

If you’re unfamiliar with Deck of Scarlet, they’re basically a make-up subscription company. Every other month, for only 29.95, you get sent a palette full of eyeshadows, cheek colors, and everything you would need to create a make-up look. It also comes with two lip colors as well. The best feature about these palettes is that the editor-in-chiefs for these palettes are always YouTubers. This time, the editor-in-chief for this palette is Nazanin Kavari. You can definitely see her influence with this palette, as far as the color range goes and even the names of the individual shades.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

If you all are interested in seeing how I achieve this eye look, definitely keep watching. I didn’t do my full face in this tutorial. I only did my eyes. I wanted that to be the emphasis. You all have been demanding more beginner-friendly eyeshadow tutorials, and I definitely want to do that for you guys today, to see how you all like it and receive it.

Like I said, if you guys want to see how I got this look, then just keep watching.

I’m grabbing the Deck of Scarlet palette. The first shade that I’m reaching into is Baby Doll, with my Sigma E40 brush. I’m using this cheek color in my crease and transition area, and just blending that back and forth.

I’m following that with the shade Feeling Peachy. I place it over the shade Baby Doll. It makes it a lot brighter, which is definitely what I was looking for. I want this look to be more peachy and orangey than pink.

I’m following that with the color Taj, to just deepen up what’s already on my eyes.

Basically, what I had to do, guys, is just keep building up that pigment until I got it looking how I wanted it to look.

After that, I take my Sigma E45 brush, and I’m using that to apply the colors Feeling Peachy and Taj all over my lids. Then, I’m taking my Sigma E40 brush and just blending out the edges. After that, I’m going in with my Luxe 141 brush. On my lower lash line, I’m going in with the colors Taj and Feeling Peachy mixed.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then, want to take the shade Baby Doll on my Sigma E45 brush, and just blend out the edges, and add a little bit of pink back into my lower lash line.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

After that, I’m going in with my Urban Decay Perversion mascara to coat my top lashes, and to also coat my lower lashes, as well. Then, I’m just placing on a pair of false lashes.

After that, I’m grabbing my two lip switches, by Sigma Beauty. I’m using the wand applicator that comes with this gloss to put this on my lids. Since I don’t use these on my lips, I feel like the applicator should be safe enough for me to use straight onto my eyes, so that I don’t have to use a brush or anything.

Once I get the lip switches applies to my lid, I’m just taking my finger, and smoothing out the edges by just doing this tapping motion.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

After that, I take the shade Yasmin, and put it on my inner corner. After that, I line my lips with [INAUDIBLE 00:03:41], and then I went in with Spil Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the color Amour.

This is the finished look. Glossy lids, super easy to do. If you ladies know how to put lip gloss on your lips, you definitely should be able to do this look on your lids as well.

deck of scarlet makeup palette