In partnership with Deck Of Scarlet Shelby Triglia came up with this Glam Festival Makeup Look Tutorial which you will enjoy very much. To recreate the look, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

Guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I created this festival look with the Deck of Scarlet palette. If you don’t know what Deck of Scarlet is, they are a new subscription company that makes palettes every two months, I believe, for $29.95. Basically, every two months you get this. This is what you get in it: you get three eye shadows, a highlight, a bronzer, and then, two lip products, right here. And then, it also comes with an eyeliner and then a lip liner. I just had it, and I really don’t know where I put it. But yeah, it comes with an eyeliner, a lip liner, two lip products, three shadows, a highlight, and a bronzer.

That really is a good deal for $29.95. Every two months they send you one. If you want to check that out and you want to see my thoughts on it, then, just keep on watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

This is what the palette looks like. It’s so cute. The packaging is so cute. I’m going to go in with this shadow, Fudge. It’s just a dark brown. I’m just going to put that in the crease. I’m doing a halo eye. I really do like this shade. It blends out nice. As you see, it’s just blending out really nice. Then, I’m just going to create a halo eye with that. Then, I’m just going in the inner corner with a smaller brush, so I can really get in that inner corner, and I’m just packing it on. Then, I’m just going to connect the shadow at the top.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now, I’m going in with this Mermaid green shade, and that’s just going to be my halo eye effect shadow. That’s going to be the shadow I put in the middle. This shadow is so pigmented. The only thing I do have to say about these shadows is they do have a lot of fallout, so you want to watch out for that. Then, I’m putting my lashes in Miami on, of course.

Now, we’re going to move on to the base. I’m just going to use the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Skin Booster to hydrate my skin. My skin is feeling extra dry today. I don’t know why. Then, I’m going to go in with my Smashbox Water Primer. Then, I’m going to go in with my Power Fabric Foundation by Giorgio Armani. Is it focusing? I can’t even tell. But you guys know what it looks like.

Then, to conceal, I’m just going to use the Tarte Shape Tape. Then, we’re going to try a new powder out. This is the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Finishing Powder. They just came out with this. I’m scared because it’s actually really white. I feel like it’s really sticking to my skin. It smells good, though. For my nose, I’m just going to use my Laura Mercier powder to bake it. Then, I’m going to dust everything away. Well, it didn’t leave a white cast, so that’s good.

Then, I’m going to go in with some bronzer. Now, this palette comes with a contour shade. I’ll show you guys what it looks like. It’s right here. But it’s way too cool tone for me. If I were to contour with that, I would look so muddy. I can only use orangey contours or then, it gets messy.

Then, I’m going to go in with this blush. This is Luminoso by Milani. Then, I’m going to set my face with the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray. Oh, I need lots of this because my skin, right now, I feel like it’s almost sucking it dry. Ooh! I can’t even. Someone told me to chill with the setting spray the other day. Grr! I will never chill with the setting spray. Let’s be real. That will never happen.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then, we’re going to go in with highlight, and I’m going to use the highlight out of this palette. It’s super pigmented. We’re just going to go in. Then, I’m just going to set my face one more time.

Now, I’m going to do my lips, and I’m going to put the lip liner that came with it called Cake Pop. It’s just a really nice nude. These are so creamy that you can just wear the lip liner.

This is the completed look, you guys. I really hope you enjoyed. I will see you in my next tutorial. All the links to this will be in the description box, if you want to check it out. I really do think it’s a good deal. If you want to check that out, go down to the description box, and there will be a link. I’ll see you in my next video. ‘Bye, guys.

deck of scarlet makeup palette