Watch the video created by beauty vlogger TinaKpromua in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet to learn how you can create this Full Face Makeup Tutorial with only one makeup palette. To recreate the look, please read the transcript of the video and the step by step images.

Hey, beauty besties! Welcome back to my channel. I changed some stuff around. I hope that you like it. This video is in partnership with Deck of Scarlet. I’ve done these videos before, and I’m so happy to do the next one. This palette is so freaking gorgeous. Just look at the cover art. I’m obsessed with it. I just posted on Snapchat, because I literally couldn’t wait. I love how they do their cover art.

Let me tell you what the palette’s about, in case this is your first time clicking on one of my videos. Deck of Scarlet is a subscription-based palette. Every other month, you get sent a palette that’s in collaboration with a YouTuber, a beauty guru YouTuber, whatever you want to call us. [Laughs]


This month is with, and I’m reading it just so I say it correctly, is Nazanin Kavari. She’s absolutely gorgeous. It comes with her little note. She did this in collaboration with them, so let me show you what the palette looks like. There’s always two face colors and three eye shadow colors.

I love the color scheme of this. It is perfect for summer. You could also bring this into fall, if you wanted to. There’s always a very… I was going to say high-end, but, I mean, there’s a good quality mirror on it. I would show you, but then it’s going to blind you because of all the lights. Two lipstick colors right here. One is more pinkish and one is more peach. It looks a little brown, rust colored, in the pot, but I have it on and it comes out more peach. They’re really beautiful. They’re almost like a matte gloss. I don’t know how else to explain it, but they’re really great.

Sometimes the palettes come with two eyeliners or an eyeliner and a lipliner. This time it comes with a liquid, felt-tip, long-lasting eyeliner. I used it in this look as well. I was so impressed, because usually I don’t like felt-tip liners. This one is perfect as you can see. We’re creating this look together. I wanted to show you an idea, and also introduce the subscription to you, because it’s something I’m such a big fan of. Sorry, it was upside down. It’s something I’m a big fan of. When, I’m a picky blogger, I don’t love everything, I’m super honest about my reviews, this is so creative to me. It is subscription-based, and it’s only 29.95. Also, I have a link down below that gives you 10% off. That is not commission-based. It is completely up to you. You get free shipping, which is really, really cool.

It’s up to you. It gives you some money off if you want to try it out. It’s bi-monthly. If you want to skip, you can skip, as well. They’re so super gorgeous. I was so inspired to do this look, because I see it floating all over Instagram. The colors were just perfect for it. I used every single color here, including the lipsticks. I did use a couple of extra products just to make it a little more glam, but the whole point of the palette is that you can incorporate it into your everyday make-up routine and maybe step outside your comfort zone. The point is, besties, I think you’re going to love it, so I wanted to show it to you guys.

If you want to learn how to create this look using this palette from Deck of Scarlet, then please keep watching. I’ve already done one side. That way the video is a little bit faster. let me just get started. I’m going to zoom you guys in. I have you guys up really close, that way you can really learn how to create this eye make-up look. First, I’m going to use that shade, Taj, and go right into the crease. It looks like a beautiful crease color. As soon as I saw it, I was like, “Yes.” This is exactly what we’re doing.

I’m using a crease brush. It’s like a pencil brush, but a little bit more fluffy. It could start out being messy, because you can cut with concealer later. You just want to get it into the crease, and go from the outer corner to the inner corner. Obviously, that looks messy, so taking a blending brush, I’m just going to smooth out the edges a little bit, and just bring it a tiny bit into the brow bone, and also angle it upwards towards the end of my brow.


The colors blend out really well. See how it was choppy before? It blended out so smooth. Taking a small shader brush, I’m taking Sho Cute, and blending that right about where we put the Taj, just to add a little hint of color, but it blends out so pretty, to add that little bit of pink there.

So pretty. I love how it’s called Sho Cute instead of So Cute. Instead of blending it out right away, I took another eyeshadow brush, added the highlight, Yasmin. I’m using that color to blend out and buff out the pink, because they blend together really pretty, and that’s how I created this faded look right here. If you wanted to add some intensity to the pink, just go right into the blush shade, Baby Doll.

I’m doing it with a very, very light hand, but it does give a little bit more definition. It looks really pretty blended out from the crease. Before moving on to the next step, I’m going to take some setting spray and drench my little shadow brush, here. This shadow brush is the Morphe M205. I love this brush for more concentrated color along the lid. It’s like a cut crease, but it doesn’t have to be perfect yet, because we’re adding glitter later.

What you’re going to do is take the lightest shade, Yasmin, again, and use it as an eyeshadow. I’m going to focus Yasmin more on the inner corner.

Then, with the same brush, using Feeling Peachy, I’m going to blend from where we laid down that lighter color, and focus it on the center of the lid. Because they’re both shimmer shades, they’ll blend together pretty easily, but if you wanted it extra blended, just take your brush and lightly swing the brush back and forth.

This box came with a felt-tip, long-lasting, liquid eyeliner. The color of it, I think, is called Cocoa Kavari. I usually don’t like felt-tip liners, but it is so pigmented that I really, really like this one. I wanted it thinner on the inner corner of the eye, and a dramatic wing. I don’t know why I’m hesitating. [Laughs]

I’m already trying to focus and explain to you what type of wing we’re going to create.




Now, for the glitter that I added right here, Molly Cosmetics sent me their new Fairy Drops. This is the color Pixie. It’s like a giant tube of pink glitter. With this, it works so good. This is the second time I’m using it, and I’m so impressed, but you need the tiniest amount. [Laughs] I just drop out a tiny little bit on a piece of plastic, and then use an eyeliner brush. I promise you, a tiny bit goes a super long way. With your eyeliner brush, you draw it right in your crease. It’s intimidating at first, so make sure you use a good glitter. You could stop right there, and it will still give you a really dramatic and fun look. I like to add a little extra pop and add some on the inner corner as well.

Now, I’m popping on some lashes. These are the style Goddess from Koko Lashes.




I have big pores, so to prep my skin I’m going to use the cover FX pore minimizing blurring primer. A tiny amount of this goes a long way, but it really blurs out the pores. For foundation, I’m going to mix together the Double Wear stay-in-place foundation from Estée Lauder. A lot of you guys already know about this foundation. I’m going to mix together the colors 3W2, which is Cashew, and 1W2, which is sand. I’m usually, I think, 3W1. I don’t know why I got these two shades, but, when I mix them together, it gives me a good color. Using a paintbrush, I’m just going to dab on a little bit of the lighter color, and do the same thing with the darker shade on the outer corners of my face.

To blend it out, I’m going to use the It Cosmetics flat-top Kabuki brush. It’s a really good foundation brush. It distributes it evenly. It’ll even mix those colors together, so I get my complexion. For concealer, I’m going to go in with my new favorite, the bh cosmetics pro concealer. I like the shade… Is this the right shade? Yes.

They go by numbers, and I like to use 106. I actually use the applicator. The coverage on this concealer is incredible. I was so impressed in my last video. I’m just going to blend that out using my beauty blender. Something I like to do to make sure my under eyes are completely concealed is blend out the other areas first, and let the concealer sit on top of my under eyes for a couple of seconds, and do that last. I find that it really helps with the coverage. This concealer is amazing, but it is a concealer that needs to be set, so I like to use RCMA No Color Powder and a damp beauty sponge, and go in and set that. On the lower lash line, I’m going to use an eyebrow brush with the same color, Taj, and drag it from my eyeliner down the lower lash line.

Then, I’m going to smoke out the lower lash line with the same pink shades. Not too much. I’m just putting a little bit on the brush, but it will look really beautiful if you blend it out from where you just put that brown color.

I’m going to finish it off with brown eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner I’m using is from Smashbox. It is the Always On gel liner, in the color Brood. It’s a very dark brown, but it’s not as harsh as black. It glides right into the waterline.


For mascara, I’m going to use Origins ginseng brightening mascara, to lengthen and lift. I just received this, so I wanted to try it out. The brush looks really cool.




I have this little tool that I’m pinching together my real lashes and the false lashes, so that way it looks not more natural, it’s obviously not natural, but there’s no disconnect between my real lashes and the false ones if I do this. To bronze up the skin, because this is very cold-toned for my skin tone, I’m going to use Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder and a fluffy bronzing brush. It’s not a bronzing brush, but, it’s a random brush that I love for bronzer. I like to bronze as it I’m contouring we well, so I use the number three on the face.

I’m probably putting on more bronzer than I should, but…


Now, now we’re going to highlight using Yasmin in the palette.



I really love this blush color, Baby Doll, but it looks like it’s going to be very pigmented, so I have a much smaller brush. Most people use this as a highlighter brush. It’s the M510, but I like to apply my blush using a smaller, fluffy brush. It just gives you more control. Otherwise, I have big, rosy cheeks.


For the lips, I’m going to use both colors, and mix them together.



Okay, beauty besties. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you like it. Let me know your thoughts down below, and what type of video you want to see next. Also, if you try this look, because some of you do, make sure to send me a Snapchat or something. I open up all my snaps, and I respond to everything. I would love to see what you made with this palette, and also let me know if you’ve tried it out. I want to see who has actually taken my advice. I would love to see you guys. If you’ve tried this palette out or you tried this look, let me know your thoughts down below, if this is something you would try, or is it something you would subscribe to. I would love to know what you think about it. That’s it, so, make sure you give me a thumbs up, and I hope I see you in my next video. Subscribe before you leave. That’s it. Thank you, goodbye.