Have you ever wanted to try out FUCHSIA SMOKEY EYE makeup look but you didn’t know how to create the look? Beauty vlogger Paige Secosky and DECK OF SCARLET has brought you this really amazing and easy FUCHSIA SMOKEY EYE look. To recreate it, watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the images with the steps below:

Hey, guys. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Paige, and today I’m going to be doing a makeup tutorial on this look I have on right now. It’s a pinky, brown, smoky eye. Today’s look, I mostly used this palette by Deck of Scarlet. Deck of Scarlet is a really cool makeup subscription. Every two months you get a really sleek full-sized makeup palette. It’s so nice.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

There’s so many different makeup products just in this palette. There’s super cool shades in this palette. You can create super edgy looks. This is actually their third palette that they just came out with. I love the packaging of it. I think it’s so cute. I think this name behind it is so cute. It’s called Deck of Scarlet because you get a whole deck of makeup products. This palette comes with three eye shadows, two cheek colors, two lip colors, and then you also get an eye liner and a lip pencil. You basically can create full makeup looks.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

It’s only $29.95, which is crazy, and you get free shipping on top of that. I literally pay like $30 for just a mascara. It’s paraben-free, cruelty-free, and it’s also made in the United States. I thought that was cool. Also, you can cancel at any time. It’s so nice because they allow you to skip a month if you’re not feeling the palette. Honestly, the coolest thing about this palette is that it’s actually created in collaboration with a top YouTuber, which I thought was so cool. You can see how they create looks with the palette. If you would like to get your own Deck of Scarlet palette, I’ll have that link down below for you guys. You guys should totally go check them out. Yeah, that was really all I wanted to say before this makeup tutorial. Let’s just hop right into it.


Okay, this eye is basically already done. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, and I really liked the way it turned out. We’re going to be moving on to this eye. I’m just starting off with the transition color, like always. I’m just using Crème brûlée by Makeup Geek, and I’m just using a Morphe 441 brush. I’m just going to place this above my crease and in my crease. Now, taking the Deck of Scarlet palette, I’m going to be using the color Sunshine. I’m just going to take that color on a Morphe E23 brush and apply this in my crease.

I’m just going to take Crème brûlée again and blend in the colors together. Now, I’m taking my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, and I’m going to be using the color Love Letter. I’m going to place this color directly into the crease to add some depth to it. I’m just taking a clean blending brush now, and I’m going to blend everything together, because we don’t want no harsh lines. I am now taking the color Fudge from the Deck of Scarlet palette, and I am going to be using a Luxie 231 brush. It’s a really narrow blending brush. I’m going to focus this on my outer V.

Now, I’m just taking my Tarte shape tape, and I’m going to be using this little, tiny brush to do a half cut crease. I just want my colors to come out super true, so that’s why I’m going to do this. I’m taking the color Bitten by Makeup Geek on a MAC flat shader brush, and I’m just going to apply this all over my lid. I’m taking Fudge again, and I’m going to apply that over top of Bitten, just going to get it a little darker.

I just cleaned up really quick with a makeup wipe underneath my eyes. I’m just going to apply my falsies, and I will be right back. I just threw on some Koko lashes really quick. I’ll have them linked down below for you guys, along with all the other products I used in this video, so you guys can go check everything out.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

But right now, I’m just going to be doing my foundation. I already primed, and I used my Too Faced Hangover primer, this one right here. It’s amazing. I love this stuff, everything you would ever want in a primer. It’s just great. Now, I’m going to be putting on foundation and also concealer. I’m just going to fast forward through this, because I do it all the time, and you guys have seen it so many times. I’m going to be using my Hourglass stick foundation. I literally could not find my concealer, but I found it. I’m going to be using my Tarte shape tape concealer underneath my eyes and also to highlight.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now, I’m just going to take some translucent powder and bake underneath my under eyes. Now, I’m just going to cream contour with this Tarte sculptor thing. It’s in the shade two. I never have really cream contoured before, and I really want to try it, so you guys are about to see it for the first time.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now, I’m setting the cream contour using the color Sandstorm from the Deck of Scarlet palette. I’m using a Morphe M527 brush to set it all. Now, I’m just going to bake under the contour. I’m now taking my Tarte blush in the color exposed, and I’m using a Morphe E4 brush. I’m going to just pop this on my cheek. Now, I’m just patting the bake in and sweeping it away. For my highlighter, I’m going to be using my Artist Couture illuminati highlighting. What is that, though? That’s the diamond glow powder that they have. It’s amazing, so I’m just going to use that on this fan brush. Okay, that is all for the face, and now we’re going to move back to the eyes.

Okay, I just put on some black eye liner on my water line, and I also coated my bottom lashes. That was boring, so I didn’t want to show you guys that. Now, I’m actually going to be taking the highlighter that I used on my cheek bones, and I’m going to put it on my brow bone and also my inner tear duct. Now, I’m taking the Deck of Scarlet palette again. I’m going to be taking the color Almond and applying it on my lips. I don’t own a lip brush, so I’m just going to take it on my finger and hope for the best. Okay, I am actually just going to blend everything out one last time to make sure there are no harsh lines. Okay, now I’m just taking my M-A-C Fix Plus, and I’m going to spray this all over my face.

That was all it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure that you give it a thumbs up and also leave a comment down below. I love you guys all so much. I’ll see you guys in my next video. ‘Bye.