Ready for some 2017 Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial: Orange,Pink and Blue? This one is brought to you by Denitslava Makeup in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet, so sit back, relax and enjoy while watching this YouTube video. To recreate the look, read the transcription and follow the step by step images below:

Hey, guys. So, today’s video is going to be a tutorial on the look that I’m wearing right now. It’s really like a fresh, colorful spring makeup. You can see that I’m wearing lots of orange colors. I decided to add a little bit of a contrast with some blue in the waterline and I think that it was a great idea. I wasn’t planning on wearing blue in the waterline, but I was looking at my background and I was like, “I just need to add blue somewhere in this look. Like, I need to add blue.” Anyway, I hope you guys like today’s look and if you do, please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Thank you, guys, so much for watching and let’s go ahead and get started.


Okay, guys, so I already applied my foundation and did my eyebrows just so we can jump straight to the fun part. But before that, let me just apply some concealer all over my eyelids. I’ll also set it with some face powder so that it won’t crease. And this is going to act as a primer for the eyeshadows.

Alright, so for today’s look, I’ll use the Deck of Scarlet palette. This is actually a subscription service where for $29.95 and free shipping, every two months you’re getting a full-size palette.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

It includes three eyeshadows, two lip colors, two cheek colors, one lip pencil, and one eye pencil. So, you can easily create full face looks with it, and it’s also really convenient for traveling because, you know, it’s really compact. One more cool thing about it is that every new palette is a collaboration with a beauty YouTuber. The one that I’ll be using today is a collab with the gorgeous Evon. So, I’ll have a link to their website down in the description box so you can check them out if you’re interested and just learn more about the service and how it works.

So, I’m going to start off the eyeshadow called, Sunshine. It’s this orangey shade right here. And using a flat brush, I will apply it all over my eyelid area. Next, I’m switching to a bigger blending brush. This is the Zoeva 231, and I’ll use it to blend out the edges of that orangey shade into the crease and, you know, make it look really nice and seamless. And see how that eyeshadow kind of blended into more of like a pinky shade? When it’s fading, it looks more pink rather than orange. It’s really nice. It looks like I used many different colors when I just used one single eyeshadow.

Alright, so I’m going to some winged eyeliner now. I’ll use the Sigma Line Ace Liquid Eyeliner in Legend. I haven’t been using this for a really long time now, but I remember that I’ve been loving it, so I want to use it today, again.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, I didn’t apply any concealer under my eyes, I just have some foundation and it doesn’t look really good at this point. So, I will apply some concealer. This is the Maybelline Fit Me in shade 15. I’m using my beauty blender to blend it out. And then I will set it with the Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder and I’ll use my puff for that. Actually, I got this puff from Sephora like two days ago, and I really like it. It’s really soft.

On the lower lash line, I will go with this eyeshadow here by Makeup Geek. It’s called Mango Tango and it’s something between… Actually, I don’t know how to explain that. It’s something between pink and orange and… I don’t know. It’s a gorgeous shade and it’s a little bit darker than what I have on my eyelid right now. So, I’m just going to apply it along my lower lash line with the Makeup Addiction Smudge Brush.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And I’m going to take a very small amount of the brown eyeshadow from that Deck of Scarlet palette. It’s called, Fudge, and with the Morphe N507, I will apply it under my lower lash line. I will just really gently blend it there. I don’t want to apply too much of it because I don’t want the lower lash line to be too dark.

Alright, so I tried to add some blue pencil in my waterline and I think that it looks really nice. It creates a really nice contrast with the orange on my eyelid. So, I’ll go ahead and add it on the other eye, as well. This is an eyeliner pencil by Sigma; it’s called My Cloud. Time for some falsies now. I’ll go with the Iconica Lashes in the style, Revising. I’m just going to glue them on now. Lashes on are on, now the next step is the face makeup. We have to finish the face.

So, again from that Deck of Scarlet palette, I will take this cheek color here called Sandstorm and I’ll use it to contour. And then I will warm up a little bit the skin with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer. You guys know that I love this thing. For blush, I’ll go with the Hervana Blush by Benefit: a good karma face powder. Alright, Benefit, let’s see what I’ve got. I’m going through just really light like dust it on my cheeks.

For highlighter, I will go with my current favorite. This is the Too Faced Love Light Highlighter in Blended by Light. I use it so much that I destroyed the pattern and it was so pretty. Anyway, I’m going to use the Morphe N501 to apply it. I’m adding on my nose, on my Cupid’s bow. I hate when I’m applying highlighter and for some reason, it’s tickling me very annoyingly. I’m also adding a little bit here above my eyebrow. And I’m also going to use it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and the brow bone, but I’ll add it just right here like this. Nice.

Going back to that Deck of Scarlet palette, I will take the orangey lip color and I will apply it on my lips. It’s actually really creamy. And then on top of it, I’m adding a lip gloss by Too Faced. It’s called Peach Tease. I kind of want to have that pinky-orangey lips, you know, so that they’re kind of matching with the eyes.

And this is the finished look, guys. I really hope you enjoyed watching this video. I think that this look is really suitable for the spring and also for the summer, now that it’s almost here. I just can’t wait for summer to be already here, I hate that cold weather. I hate the cold weather. I think that this look is quite wearable. I love creating looks that are colorful but still wearable. Sometimes I’m going crazy with the colors, but most of the times I like creating looks that are colorful and wearable. But it can be a little bit difficult to achieve that when you’re using really saturated colors, but I think that today’s look came out really pretty and it’s really wearable. I can definitely wear this outside without any special occasion. Let me know what you guys think about it. I absolutely love the end result and I hope you guys like it, too.

 deck of scarlet makeup palette

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