The gorgeous and super talented Angela Bright created a Eye Makeup Tutorial using Deck of Scarlet Babsbeauty  No.02 palette. In order to recreate the look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hey, guys. So today, I partnered up with Deck of Scarlet to bring you this purple, glossy, spring-colored eye. I use their May palette that’s in collaboration with BabsBeauty. And here’s the look I came up with. So, if you want to see how to get this look, and learn more about Deck of Scarlet and how their subscription works, keep on watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, here’s what the box looks like. It’s just black and sleek. I love how professional it looks. So, open up the box, this is what you get inside. Mine’s a little dirty because I’ve been touching and playing with it. It says hot on the front, and down here at the bottom, you have your lip pencil. Here’s a swatch of the lip crayon. It’s super-pigmented, it’s super creamy, kind of dark mauve brown color.

And then, going into the palette, here’s the sleeve and this guy just slides out like that. It opens up two different ways. So, you open up this side and you have your eyeshadows, your blush, and your highlighter. And on this side, you have your two cream lipsticks. Yeah, I’ve touched them and played with them, they are so creamy. So, pretty much, you get full-sized palette every two months for $29.95. Every palette is unique because each palette is made in collaboration with a YouTuber. This one is with BabsBeauty. So, let’s get into the tutorial.

On a Sigma E38, I’m taking the shade Making Mauves, and I’m just putting this in my crease. Since I have less product on my brush, I’m going to start blending out the edges just to make it more seamless.

On the same brush, I’m going to pick up the blush shade called Bobdy, and I’m going to put this in the crease, as well, just to make it more purple.

On an E59, I’m taking the shade Peachy Keen, and that’s just going to go all over my lid.

On a Sigma E32, I’m taking the shade Sophia, that’s going to go on my lower lash line. I’m going to bring the purple out here in my outer crease just to add a little bit more color.

I take a little bit of Peachy Keen on my E38, and just use that to blend out the lower lash line. I’m going to add a little bit of Making Mauves to the outer part of my lower lash line, to add a little bit of definition. On a Sigma L04, I’m taking the highlighter called Gilded. I’m going to put that in the inner corner of my eye.

I’m going to do something a little crazy and I’m going to use the lip crayon as eyeliner. I love having a glossy finish to my eye. So, this is going to add a cool effect to it. So, I’m going to do a little bit out here on the outer portion of my lower lash line, and also in the outer V of my eye. But I’m just going to take my E32 and blend out the product.

I think it gives a pretty cool effect to the eye. Now I’m just going to pop on some mascara and lashes. I just popped on some full, wispy lashes, and here is the final look. I love the little hint of gloss in the lower lash line on the outer corner. I think it’s fun and different. You guys know I love my purple eyeshadow, so this look is perfect for spring. I highly recommend you check out this palette. I know you will love it, or any of their other palettes coming up in the next few months. I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you for watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette