In a need of a quick and easy EVERYDAY LONGWEAR MAKEUP tutorial that you can pull off in under five minutes? The Australian YouTuber Nikkia Joy who is a professional makeup artist will use Deck of Scarlet palette No-01 to tell you how you can achieve this makeup look. To recreate the presented EVERYDAY LONGWEAR MAKEUP tutorial, please watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the step by step images.

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel and welcome to today’s Get Ready With Me video. In this video I’m going to be showing you how to recreate this really super easy, warm toned natural everyday makeup look. I really like this look because it’s super quick and easy. It honestly… Like, you can throw it together in under five minutes and look really polished for your day whether it’s at work or, you know, if you’re just running errands or whatever it may be.


And, what else is really cool about this tutorial is I’ve pretty much only used one pallet from Deck of Scarlet, which also means this look is hella affordable. So, if you are interested in learning how to recreate it, then please keep on watching.

So, I’m going to start out by prepping my skin with the Nyx Angel Veil primer. I’m still testing this one, guys. So I haven’t got a final verdict for all of you who are asking my opinions on it. I will let you know as soon as I have finished testing it properly.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then I’m going to put my foundation on. Today I’m using the Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I was actually attending a lunch event on this particular day so I’ve chosen the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation because it performs so well on my oily skin and under flash photography.

Then once I’m finished applying my makeup, I’m going to go ahead and quickly just prime my eyelids and prep them for eye shadows. As always, using the Mac Prolong Wear Paint pot in the color Soft Ocher. I feel like I am such a serial repeater, but it’s honestly the best eye shadow primer out there. It is like a game changer.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Moving on to the eyes, I’m going to be using my Deck of Scarlet pallet. This is actually a really cool service. It’s a makeup subscription service and you pay 29.95 a month with free shipping and every two months, you receive a whole new pallet. It’s got two cheek colors, two lip colors, three eye shadows and also a lip pencil and eye pencil. It is really cool and what’s even cooler is the pallets are actually inspired by, you know, massive really renowned You Tubers. This one is inspired by Makeup by Evon. And, oh my god she is gorgeous. And look how pigmented these colors are. They are beautiful.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, first up I’m going to be taking the color Sandstorm, which is actually the contour shade, out of this pallet. And, on a big fluffy brush I’m going to be working this one backwards and forwards through my crease. This is just going to add a little bit of a transition shade and also dust down that eye shadow primer to reduce any of the tackiness. Like I said earlier, this eye shadow look is super simple and it’s perfect for everyday wear. So, there’s not too many steps involved.

Next up, I’m picking up the color Sunshine, just on that same brush and I’m going to be working that one backwards and forwards through the crease again, just to warm it up. I really love blending with really warm toned oranges through the crease. It’s so flattering, especially for blue eyes. Like, especially for blue eyes.

And, then lastly I’m going in with Fudge which is this deep matte brown on a smaller blending brush. I will have all of the brushes that I used linked down below. I’m working this one in the outer corners of my eyes and then I’m slowly dragging that deeper shadow across the top of the lid before going in with a flat shader brush and that same eye shadow. And, I’m packing it all over the lid to really deepen the look up a little. I don’t know about you guys, but I really love makeup subscription services. I’ve been really happy with Deck of Scarlet.

The products are super high quality. You don’t always get that with subscriptions services but I honestly do believe in these ones and I have teamed up with them today. And, you guys have to check out Evon. I’m sure you know who she is, but she’s like a mega babe. I will link her You Tube down channel down below. And then to finish off the eyes, I’m carrying that same warm orange shadow underneath before finishing with that darker brown shadow as well.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now to add a really subtle pop of color, I’m going to be using the eye pencil that came with the pallet. It is in the shade chameleon and it’s a really beautiful rich green. I’m going to be only adding a teeny amount of this just on the outer corners of my eyes and this is going to help, you know, like make my blue eyes stand out even more against these warm tone shadows.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then a couple of coats of mascara. You can leave it at that. I’m a little bit extra so I did apply some false lashes, but if you don’t want to you do not have to.

Moving on to skin now, I’m taking my NARS soft matte concealer. This is a brand new one from NARS and I’ve actually been really enjoying it. It’s just a very easy concealer to work with. It blends easily, it doesn’t crease and you can use it pretty well anywhere on the face.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So I’m going to be applying that one under the eyes and a little through my T-zone just to help brighten my face and bring a little bit of light about me. I feel like I’m looking kind of tired in this video and this concealer really helped.

And then finally, I’m just going to set that all down with some translucent powder. I am using the Cover Effects one. I will link it down below for you guys.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now I’m moving back onto my cheeks. I’m going to take sandstorm from that same Deck of Scarlet pallet. It’s a really nice contour shade. It’s actually very easy to blend. It’s very finely milled and I love that it’s cool toned. So many people are bringing out really warm toned contour shades and you just can’t use them. Contour has to be cool guys. Remember always cool. C for contour, C for cool.

And then for blush I’m using this one by Mac. This one is Pinch of Peach. I feel like I had a little pink going on. Pink background, pink nails, so it had to be pink cheeks, right? Right?

And, then lastly, the glow. It wouldn’t be a Nikkia tutorial without some glow so I’m taking the same Deck of Scarlet pallet again. I told you it was versatile. And I’m using the highlighter shade. This one is called Halo and I’m going to use that just on the tops of my cheekbones to really brighten up my face and I’m also popping it on the inner corners of my eyes to help lift and brighten my eyes. My eyes are sort of on the smallish side, so adding a highlight in there will help to lift and brighten them.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then finally, to finish the look we of course have the lips. I’m using a Deck of Scarlet lip liner. This is the shade Cake Pop. It’s a really beautiful, sort of deep warm brown and it’s actually super creamy.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And, then I’m following that up with the lipstick from the pallet. This is the shade Almond. It looks, really, kind of dark in the pen and I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to show but look how beautiful that color is on my lips. It’s a very creamy hydrating lip color and I did also wear this look for, probably, gosh, I reckon at least six hours and I didn’t have to touch up at all.

So, here is the finished look you guys. I hope you really enjoyed it. As I mentioned, I will leave a link to Deck of Scarlet in the description box down below. I think that you’ll all really like it because it’s just like really affordable good quality makeup and who doesn’t like that?

everyday makeup

I hope you guys enjoyed the video I will talk to you all in my next one. I love you guys so much. Have a great day and I will see you then. Bye.