Watch this amazing Easy Fresh and Fun Summer Makeup Tutorial, brought to you by the beauty vlogger Alexandra L. using Deck of Scarlet palette. Recreate this look with the help of the transcript of the video + images with the steps:

Hey, guys, it’s Alexandra and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to get this fun and fresh, makeup look. Right here using the Nazanin Kavari and Deck of Scarlet collaboration palette. Deck of Scarlet was super kind enough to message me and send me over this palette. And I was, like, yes, I want to try it out and support my fellow You Tuber. So, first of all, congrats, Naz, if you’re watching this. I am so incredibly proud of you and I had really… I’m not going to tell you guys, actually. You know what, watch this video. I’m not going to tell you what I thought about the palette in the first intro. Oh no. That’s not going to happen but you guys can kind of see where I’m gearing towards.

Anyways, if you guys want to see how to get this makeup look, my first impressions, my thoughts on this palette, what comes in it, how you could order it, all that stuff, then please keep on watching. And, if you guys are new to my channel make sure you go ahead and click that subscribe button so you guys can join my little fam. And also click the little notification bell so you guys can be notified every single time I post. So, without further ado, let’s get into this first impression, this little tutorial and let’s just hop right in.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, Deck of Scarlet was super kind enough to send me over this little package and, basically, what Deck of Scarlet is, is they are a company that creates different palettes every two months. So, what goes on is, every two months they choose somebody to collaborate with and for these two months of July and August, they chose Nazanin Kavari. I love her videos so much so I’m so excited to dive into this palette. I am so proud of her. So, if you’re watching this, girl, I am so incredibly proud.

And I’m going to be showing you guys just a really quick and fresh look, using the products that are in here, kind of talking more about this, un-boxing it… I haven’t swatched or opened this at all. I literally just opened the top but I didn’t dive into the palette. Nothing like that.

First off, I just want to talk about this packaging. It is so sturdy and nice and I love super, like, sheek and basic, almost, packaging. That’s exactly what this is. It is just black and white and it is so nice and sturdy which is really, really nice. You could definitely use this for something else. So, when you open it, it says, “You’re in.” I have three little papers. So the first one just says, “Deck of Scarlet.” So nice. So, so nice. Like, it’s so put together. And it says, “You are in.” The reason they’re called Deck of Scarlet is because you collect the palettes just kind of like a deck of cards. I think that is so clever and cute and I love it. And I love how they collaborate with different You Tubers. Love that idea. So, then I got this little one and it says, “Alexandra, enjoy our July, August palette. Thanks for the love, XO, Danielle.” That was so cute. I love these little notes. Like, I keep all of them. That was really sweet. Oh, I didn’t even know that was in here. I didn’t see that. So, thank you, Danielle.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And, we got this little bad boy. And it says, “Deck of Scarlet. Meet Nazanin Kavari, our artist-in-chief.” And then it says, “Nazanin is playful, darling and not afraid of full on glam. If you love sexy looks and seductive styles with a chit chat, follow her step by step tutorials to recreate the hottest looks. Come inside her world and play.” And then it says, “Check out her tutorial” with the link on the bottom and then on this side we have a gorgeous picture of her. Yes, girl. Slay. And it says, “Hello, my loves. I was thrilled when Deck of Scarlet asked me to partner with them to put together this palette for the Kavari crew. I hope you love these pinks and peaches as much as do. I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces and the looks you create with them. Nazanin.”

Now we open up into the palette and I haven’t seen or opened any of this. So, on the top, you have the palette. It is really nice and compact. Again, I love this packaging. So, so nice. A1 packaging. So this is how the palette looks like and when you open it, it is broken down into two sections. So, when you open up the first section, it has a mirror, which I love. I don’t want to blind you guys. But it comes with three eye shadows on the top and all of these shades, everything, Nazanin named, basically. So, it’s Sho Cute. I think that’s how you say it. Tai…Taj…Tai… I’m probably butchering that. Feeling Peachy. So, these three are eye shadows. Then we have Yasmine, which is her sister’s name, I’m pretty sure. And it’s a highlighter. And then we have Baby Doll, which is a blush.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Then in the next little section, we have two lip colors. So we have Majesty and Birthday Suit. So, I’m going to go ahead and create a look using this in a few minutes, but there’s one more thing in the box. So, up top you get that and then, on the bottom, you get a liquid eye liner. This is the long lasting liquid eye liner and she named it Cocoa Kavari. I love that. Yes, girl.

So, right now, I do have my foundation and powder on as well as my eyebrows filled in but that is all. I’m going to zoom you guys in and show you guys a fresh and quick summer makeup look. And I’m excited to test this out, see how pigmented they are, how they work with. And I’m just going to walk you guys through it.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

First, I’m going to go into this top row and take this brown shade and put that in my crease. Wow, this is very pigmented. To prime my eyes, I just used some concealer. So, this is super pigmented. I love this brown shade. It’s definitely different. It is on a more gray tone side, as I can see from this. Which I really like because everybody’s so used to the basic, like, orange under tones. So, just from this crease shade, I think it is very, very easy to blend. And also very pigmented, which is a huge plus for me. I really like how it’s not orange based toned because every eye shadow I literally put on my face is, like, orange based tone, which is really nice.

Now, hmm…what are we going to do today. Okay, for the lid, I’m going to go ahead and take this peachy shade, called Feeling Peachy. And I’m just going to apply this on to my lid. I did not wet my brush. I’m just kind of applying it as I go. I didn’t wet my brush because I do want to see how it works, like, without it. Now, it does have some fall out but, again, it is a glittery based eye shadow. So, I was expecting it to have some fall out but that’s okay. We can just wipe that off. Now, going back in with the same blending brush that I had before… Not applying more product, just kind of blending the two eye shadow colors together so we don’t have a harsh line in between. Me likey.

For my inner corner shade and underneath my brow bone, I’m going to take the highlighter, Yasmine, because your girl loves that glow. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Just to brighten it up. And I’m also going to bring that a little bit into the beginning part of my eyelid.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now, underneath my lower lash line, I do want to make this really, like, fun. I don’t know. It’s summer. Let’s experiment with some colors, right? So, I’m going to take this pink shade, Sho Cute, and just drag that along my lower lash line.

Now I’m going to go ahead and take the Deck of Scarlet liquid eye liner and I’m going to line my upper lash line. Oh, this isn’t a full black color. Oh, that’s nice, actually. This is, like, a really dark brown, almost blackish brown. Wow, that was so easy to apply. What? And, I am going to create a wing. And I’m just going to do the same thing on my other eye. Honestly, that liquid eye liner was really nice and was really easy to work with. I wanted to do more of a dramatic wing today. That’s just kind of how…what I was feeling. You can do whatever your heart desires.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, now I’m going to move on to mascara. So, first I’m just going to curl my eye lashes, apply some Urban Decay Subversion lash primer and then some coats of my L’Oreal Telescopic to both my upper and lower eyes lashes. Honestly, I was going to put on some fake eyelashes but I like how this looks. I feel like I have the super dramatic wing. I can do lashes, but for this particular look I think, for once in my life, I’m going to keep it without eye lashes. If you guys want, you can definitely put on eye lashes. But I think it is quite nice with just my natural lashes. So… Might as well try something new, right?

Now, this doesn’t come with a bronzer, so I’m quickly just going to bronze my face with my MAC bronzing powder. Now, for blush and highlighter, the palette does come with that. So, I’m going to be taking Baby Doll and just applying that to the apples of my cheeks. Oh, it gives you, like, a cute little pinky tone.

And then I’m going to be taking Yasmine for my highlighter. Oh, yes. We’re glowing today. Oh, I think we’re glowing. Wow, I love highlighter and I always have to glow to the gods and I didn’t even wet my brush and…wow. Going to look really fresh and glowy for this look.

But for my lips, there are two different lip options I could do. There’s, like, a light pink and then more of a nudey color. I’m going to do the nudey color. And just apply it using my finger. And then, actually, I’m going to go ahead and take some of that pink from the top and just going to apply that to the center of my lip.

And, this is the finished look. Again, you could have definitely added some lashes but I did want to keep this quite simple. I love how it came out. I’m obsessed with the highlighter. Honestly, the liquid eye liner, I really, really, really enjoyed as well. And the colors were beautiful. The only thing is, I am not a fan of really pink blushes but that’s just personal preference. So, I would probably switch out this pink blush for more of a nude tone blush because it is really, really hot pink. But, overall, again, I am so proud of you, Naz. Congratulations, if you’re watching this, and Deck of Scarlet, keep it up because you are doing some good things out there. This is their number three edition palette, which I just saw. I thought it was their fourth. I don’t know why but I was, like, going through their website and I really was convinced it was their fourth. But now I see that it’s their third. I really, really do hope you guys enjoyed this video. Again, I will link Deck of Scarlet down in the description of this video and, again, if you guys are new, make sure you hit that subscribe button and also give this video a thumbs up.

I love you guys all so, so, so much and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye guys.

deck of scarlet makeup palette