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Hey Guys, I’m Roxette Arisa and welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re doing a really easy tutorial, actually, on this smokey eye. I’m living for it. I love how it turned out, so I hope you guys are excited to see it. Like I said, it’s actually not very hard, so get subscribed, wait, I was going to say get excited, but get subscribed, as well. And let’s get into this video.

So I already went ahead and did all my skin prep and everything, so we could hop into the eyes, because I’m really excited to use this palette. This is the Deck of Scarlet SonjdraDeluxe palette, and I love SonjdraDeluxe. She’s so inspiring to me, and I just think she’s such a beautiful artist, so I was super pumped to hear that she was doing a collab with Deck of Scarlet, and yeah, sorry for my little fan girl moment there but I just love SonjdraDeluxe, which made me really want to try Deck of Scarlet.

And I think it’s a really cool concept because it’s basically like a subscription service for makeup, but every two months you get a new palette and it’s always created by YouTubers, which I’m all about that. Team YouTube all the way. I just… I’m sorry happy for, you know, YouTubers doing big things, being successful, and I love that.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, let’s see what it looks like inside. It has three different eye shadows, two cheek colors, two cream lip colors, a lip liner and then it also came with an eye liner in the box.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So I was really excited to try this out, like I said and the whole thing was $29.95, plus free shipping, which honestly is not bad at all. I’m really excited to try it and also I was happy to hear that you can cancel anytime, so like I said, this is my first time trying it, so I don’t know if I’m going to like it. But it’s nice to know that you have that reassurance that you can cancel at any time, or skip a box, or I mean skip a palette, if you know you’re not feeling the colors or something so I really like that. And I’ll definitely put a link below if you want to check Deck of Scarlett out.

So like I said, I’ve already gone ahead and primed my eyelids and everything, so we can just hop right in.


This is the shade Eh, like Canada, because SonjdraDeluxe is Canadian. Such a beautiful shade, so I’m going to diffuse this into the crease with my Sigma Diffuse Crease E30.

I did not plan that, by the way. I did not plan the name of the brush was exactly what I just said, but I am going to be blending this into the crease just to get a nice little transitional shape.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, Deck of Scarlet, we see you. Look at that pigmentation, guys. I really like the shadow so far.

Okay, we good. Next, honestly, I think I’m going to go a little bit out of order today. We’re going to switch it up, so right now, I’m going to try the eye liner.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

This is the long wear eyeliner in the shade Anarchy.


So I’m going to apply this eyeliner right to the base of the lashes. And the point of doing this before we add on any more shadows is to one, cover up any blank space that might be laying between the lashes and our eyelids, but also it’s going to provide a base because we’re actually going to go over this with the shade Black Roses.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And with Black Roses, we are going to blend, blend, blend that into the entire eyelid to create our smokey eye.

And I’m using a Sigma short shader for this step. Then, of course, you just want to keep going in and blending those shades together so it looks really nice and seamless. I actually really like these shadows so far. I was a little worried because my skin, like my eyelids in general are very, very dry today for some reason. I don’t know why, but I was worried that the shadows wouldn’t apply nicely, but they done did me well.

I’m just going to wipe away some of that excess now, but I don’t want a super sharp line. Sometimes I do go for that look, but for this one, I want it to be a little bit more soft and diffused, so I’m just kind of wiping it away lightly like this.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, one last step before we move on to lashes, I’m going to actually tight line. Oooh. It always feels so weird when you’re doing this, but tight line using the eye liner. Whenever I’m doing the smokey eye, I really want to take every measure to cover up those little white spaces or blank spaces, because since the base color is so super dark, it’s going to be even more apparent than usual if you do have those little spaces between lashes.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

For mascara, I’m going to pop on a coat of the L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. Then for my lashes, I’m using House of Lashes Iconics. I’ve recently fallen back in love with these. I remember a time when this was all I would use, and then I was kind of experimenting with other lashes and stuff, but I forgot how much I love these lashes. Lashes Iconics come through.

For a concealer, I’m going to be going in with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Macadamia. Thank you, Kelsey, for pulling me through on this one. I thought it was empty, but she gave me, like, a little hack to get all of the concealer out of the bottom.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Alright, and once we’ve got a big old layer of concealer all over our face, you can go ahead and set it down with some translucent powder. Okay, now while we wait for that to bake, as usual, I’m going to be very time efficient and go ahead and contour.

So I’m going to be using MAC Cosmetics Shade Sculpting Powder right here. And I’m going to start contouring my cheek bones with my Sigma F05 Small Contour. I’m also going to contour my nose at this point with the same powder on a Dose of Color shader brush. I like to do it at this point because, honestly, it’s really easy to do when we still have those baking lines because you literally just go in between the lines. There you go, piece of cake nose contour, no problemo.

If you do end up going a little too hard, no worries, because you can kind of just go over that spot with the beauty blender when you still have powder on it. It’ll kind of work to blend that in because I went a little hard on this side. And you can go ahead and just really lightly wipe away that bakeage. I am using a Sigma Powder Sweep F06 for this step.

Now to blend out that contour, I’m going to take my Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in a matte 168 and kind of just go around the three shape, around the edges of my face to one blend out the contour, but also just warm it up and give us a really nice sun kissed bronzed look.

We’ll go ahead and finish the eyes now, so digging back into the Deck of Scarlet palette, I’m going to take Eh and just start to smoke out the bottom lash line.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m basically just going to be using the same, exact colors that I used on the upper lid and mimicking it to create a really nice classic smokey eye. So I’m using Eh first and then I’m going to go in with Black Roses and smoke it out even more.

And I am going to add a bit of that eyeliner to the bottom lash lines so we can smoke it.

For the inner corner, I think it might be kind of cool to use this shade. It’s called Maya.

I mean, it’s a really pretty color.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, we’ll just try it. YOLO.So, I’m taking that on a Luxie Beauty 141 Mini Round and just popping that into the inner corner.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

 Yes. I’m really happy with how this look is turning out. I think it’s so cool that actually we created a full eye look with just the products in this palette, so.

And of course, we’ve got to add a little bit of mascara to those bottom lashes, so I’m going again with the L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black. Because we have a really dramatic smokey eye, which I love, I do want to keep the cheeks pretty neutral, so I’m going to go in with the blush from the Deck of Scarlet palette, just to try it out, and this is in the shade Montenegro Bay, Montego Bay, sorry.

And then, I guess we will try out the highlighter in the palette, because you guys know how much I love my highlighter, so I feel like this will be a good make or break moment for me in Deck of Scarlet, so let’s go ahead and try it.


So this is the highlight in the shade, Shimmy Shimmy Ya, okay.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

 It’s really pretty. It has a bit of a rose gold tint to it, actually, but it’s really nice. Actually, it goes so well with the eyes. I think that’s such a nice touch, I guess, to using the products within one palette, because it’s going to look very cohesive. You know what I mean?

Let’s see what this lip liner looks like.

So this is the long wear velvet lip liner in the shade Heartless.

deck of scarlet makeup palette


Oooh, okay so this is a vampy lip liner though and I think I’m going to go with a nude lip, so I won’t be using this today, but I feel like it would go nicely with this lip color that’s in the palette.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m going to actually use this lip color, though.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m going to go in with MAC Cosmetics Stripdown lip pencil for this look. Once I’ve lined my lips, I’m going to go in with the lip color called Scrumptious, which is a really pretty warm nude. And I’m applying that with a Sigma Detailed Lip L04 brush. And I just want to bring forward the middle of my lips a little bit, so they look nice and plump. So I’m going to go in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in the shade Undressed just directly to the center of the lips.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And this is the finished look.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I really like how it turned out and I like that, you know, we were trying new products in the process, but we got that banging little smokey eye going on. I’m about to go slay the post office, go slay the grocery store right after this, so I’m set for the day.

smokey eye tutoral

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Remember to give it a thumbs up if you did and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and join our little rock star family. And I think that’s going to be it for me. And remember you are beautiful inside and out. I love you guys and I will see you in my next video. Bye.