The gorgeous and super talented VALERIA LOREN reviewed Deck of Scarlet NAZANIN KAVARI PALETTE No.03 palette. In order to recreate the makeup look, watch the video, read the transcript of the video and follow the step by step images:

Hey, friends. Welcome back to my channel today. I’m going to be doing a video with Deck of Scarlet featuring their newest palette. If you guys don’t know about Deck of Scarlet, they are a subscription company that sends out a new palette every two months. In the palette, they try to combine as many products as possible. That way, it becomes an all-in-one palette. You guys know that if you do go makeup shopping at Sephora or Ulta…wherever you like to go shopping…it can add up pretty quickly. Instead of spending $300 on a bunch of products, you could always find a little palette for a little price. Also, every palette they come in collaboration with a YouTuber. This palette’s YouTuber is going to be Nazanin Kavari. If you guys don’t follow her on YouTube, you totally should. She is absolutely stunning, one of the prettiest, humblest girls here on YouTube. I am so happy I get to play with her palette today.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

I’m sure you guys are wondering,”Okay, how much is it going to be?” You’re going to pay $29.95 every other month, because the palettes come out every two months. Every other month, you’re going to have to pay for your palette, and then you’ll get this baby in the mail. Also, there is free shipping in the USA. It’s also available to ship to Canada and the UK, as well. Also, before we get into the video,if you guys want to subscribe to our [inaudible 00:01:10]Valeria Loren family, go ahead and do so down below. All right, guys. Do you guys want to see my thoughts how the palette looks and also how I created this look using the palette?Then just please keep on watching.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

All right, guys, here is the palette. As you can see, it has a really cool design in the front. This is the sleeve cover.Then you can see all the description of what the palette is and what Deck of Scarlet is all about. This is the palette right here. I love the graphic design over the actual picture. I find that it’s really creative, and I have not seen that in a package before. As you guys can see, it has two little sleeves that open up. When you open the palette, this is what it looks like. You’re going to have the three eye shadows right at the top. You have a highlight shade right here and then a blush. It also comes with a mirror, which is really nice to have it on you. Up [inaudible 00:01:59]from this little flap right here, you have two lipstick shades. This one has more of a glossy shade, and this is more of a matte one. Because it is such a small palette and really compact, instead of doing a makeup tutorial, I’m just going to be showing you guys all the things that you can do with this all-in-one palette.

All right, guys, first things first. I’m going to start by taking this shade right here called Taj. It is a muted cool tone brown shade. What I’m going to do is take a fluffy brush, whatever one of your preference. I’m going to start by dipping my brush into the eyeshadow shade. I’m going to be applying this all over my crease. As I’m blending it into the crease, I’m also going to start lightly packing it all over my eyelid. It’s going to give you a really natural bronzy eye without having to use that many eye shadows. I love doing this technique whenever I want to do a natural face, but I want to make sure that my eyes have something on them. I just take my favorite brown color that I like to use [inaudible 00:02:51] for my transition color and just apply all over the lid. It’s going to give you a really sultry, smoky brown eye, and I really love that.

Now, I’m going to be taking a smudger brush. Again with the shade Taj right here, what I’m going to do is start pressing it onto the brush. I’m going to run that all over my lower lash line, as well. [inaudible 00:03:10] show that I buffed that on my lower lash line. Once I’m getting to the outer corner, I’m going to start connecting the two shadows together so you can’t see where it stops or ends.

This collection also came with an eyeliner. It is a brown color eyeliner. It is called KokoKavari, which is her name in the eyeliner, which is really cute. This is a brown pen liner. I usually don’t wear brown on my eyes, but whenever I do, it makes them stick out even more. If you guys have brown eyes, I totally recommend at least giving it a try. You’re going to see that your brown eyes are going to pop really nicely. To create my favorite wing, what I like to do is create the line going up first.Then I close my eye and drag it all the way down to my eyelid. That way, it comes out as straight as possible. That’s the hard part. Then go ahead and fill it in. I really love that it’s a felt tip liner, because I feel like you have more room in creating a really detailed wing, and it’s going to be not as messy as dry liner or any kohl liner. I really like that they chose to do a felt tip liner for her collab.

All right. Now that the eyeliner is done, I’m going to apply some mascara and lashes. I’ll be right back. All right, guys. Now that my eyes are done, let’s go ahead and move onto the cheeks. As you guys can see, it has the three eyeshadows and the blush.This blush tone right here personally is not my preference for my kind of skin tone. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take the color Feeling Peachy and apply this as my blush. I do love a peachy, glittery blush anyways. I typically don’t go for a matte blush. This would be perfect. I’m just taking my blush brush, and I’m going to start working that into the brush and onto my cheeks. As you can see, even though it’s an eyeshadow, it works absolutely great as a blush, as well.

Before we put the highlighter on our face, I’m going to go ahead and set my face really quickly. Now I’m going to be taking the color Yasmin, which is a highlight shade, with my fan brush, and I’m going to work that on the top of my cheekbones. This shade is really pigmented. I love it. I do feel like this highlight, even though it has more of a pink undertone, it will work really well on different skin tones.With me, I have to be really careful what kind of highlight that I use.This one is not too ashy on me; it’s not too white, but it gives me that pearl finish that I usually don’t go for.This highlight color makes it possible for all skin tones, like I said.

Also, I’m just going to take a regular light synthetic flat brush.Taking that same Yasmin highlight shade, I’m going to put a little bit on the tops of my eyebrow to give it some pop in there. You guys see the difference, my eyebrow here and this one? It just adds that glam touch.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now for this, I’m going to go ahead and take Birthday Suit, because I’m more of a nude girl anyways. I’m just going to be taking a flat brush, and I’m just going to start dipping that into the lip color. I really like that even though it looks glossy on the pan, it’s actually going on like a cream and not so glossy. It should last you longer than a gloss.All right. I’m going to be setting my face one more time to make sure all the products are [inaudible 00:06:16] and last me all day long. One more time, then this look will be complete.

Well, I really hope that you guys loved this video. I loved making it for you guys. If you did, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs-up and subscribe down to my channel. Also, if you guys go ahead and check down below, as well, there’s going to be 10% off discount code that you guys can go ahead and get for the palette. Also, I forgot to mention this in the beginning of the video. It’s a subscription that you can cancel at any time. There are no commitments. You don’t have to be scared to commit for two years or three years. If you’re not feeling it, you can totally go ahead and cancel the subscription.If you do want to go ahead and give it a try, just go ahead and click the link down below. If you’re not following me on social media—that will be Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.—it’s Valeria Loren Beauty. Let me know that in the comments if you guys have tried Deck of Scarlet. Let me know your thoughts on this palette and also if you know Nazanin Kavari, because she’s just stunning. Okay? That is it for this video. I love you guys so much. Mucho besitos. I’ll see you guys in the next one. ‘Bye, guys.

deck of scarlet makeup palette