An exclusive day to night glam makeup tutorial by the super popular, talented and beautiful makeup artist SonjdraDeluxe who is using her Deck of Scarlet palette:


Hey, everybody, it’s SonjdraDeluxe, and today I’m going to show you how to get this day to nighttime look that’s two-look special announcement on the Deck of Scarlet SonjdraDeluxe palette. You might be wondering what Deck of Scarlet is. It’s a new service that you pay $29.95 for. Every two months you’ll get a full-sized palette with all of the products that you need. You get one deck of components. My palette has three eyeshadows, two pencils — one lip pencil, one eyeliner — and two cheek colors. My palette is $29.95. You get the two pencils, the two check/eye colors, the three eyeshadows, and two motherlovin’ lipsticks. I’d say that’s a win. Anytime you don’t want a palette or if you want to cancel your service or whatever, then you can just skip the palette, cancel your service, whatever. Also, it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA.

So, today, I’m going to show you how to use all of the products to get a daytime and a nighttime look using everything that’s in the palette. First of all, I just want to talk about the packaging. I absolutely love this black and white rose. I love roses. I’ve got roses tattooed on my arms and hand.

So, the first color — Shimmy Shimmy Ya. I wanted to have a nice pearl highlighter and give a really nice candlelight glow rather than high beams on the face. You know what I’m saying?

Cheek color in Montego Bay. Sun-kissed, warm color, which I love as a transition color. It’s a really beautiful highlight on more chocolate skin.

 This color is Maya, a really beautiful rosé champagne. It has really beautiful pigment.


 The next color is called EH! because I’m Canadian. It’s a really beautiful red, a highly pigmented matte.
 The next one is called Black Roses. This is a really beautiful true black, full coverage matte black.
 Next, let’s get into the two lip colors. So, the first color is called Scrumptious because, huh, I think it’s scrumptious. I’m always a fan of having a really good nude.
 And the second color is called Wu, a really beautiful deep wine — sexiness — lip color.
 Next is a lip liner in Heartless, deep enough to go with Wu. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too plum or too berry so that I could still wear it with my nude and not have a total pink lip.
 Moving on to the eye line in Anarchy. This is a really beautiful, long-wearing, soft black, so it’s not going to close up your eyes, so it’s great for the waterline. Won’t smudge, won’t budge.

So, this is the daytime look. Of course, you can wear this at nighttime. Do whatever you want. And I’m going to show you how to get the look.

So, first I’m going to get into my transition color or deeper highlight in the shade Montego Bay, and I’m going to use that to warm up the crease.
Again, it’s a transition color, so I’m just going to give it a little blendy-blend. Next up, with a smaller blending brush I’m going to use the color EH!, and I’m going to leave my eyelid space bare and just buff that warm color into Montego Bay and underneath my lash line to give a little bit of rosiness. This is a nice substitute for a brown.
 Next with Shimmy Shimmy Ya, I’m going to do my lid and my inner corners of my eyes.

Quick coat of mascara. I’m brushing my bottom lashes outwards to kind of give a softer look. Then I’m going to take the lip liner in the kit and line my lips.

 deck of scarlet makeup palette

I actually really love how long-wearing this is. It doesn’t really smudge, so it’s not like a super creamy lip liner. It stays in place. This lip color in Wu I’m going to put on all over my lips with my brush. This isn’t really the type of thing that you want to just smush your finger in because it will sink.

 It’s very creamy, but I actually really love the feeling of it because it’s not drying, it doesn’t stain your lips, and it stays on all day. So, I’m just blending it all over, get it nice and opaque, and then I’m going to put on some false lashes, getting those on as close as I can to my lash line. And there’s our daytime look. I like wearing a bold lip in the daytime.
 deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, this one, for nighttime I like to wear more of a dramatic eye, more soft on the lips.

 deck of scarlet makeup palette

Nighttime, you’re usually going out for dinner, drinks, whatever, so I like to use something neutral. I take off my lipstick. As you can see, it doesn’t stain, which I frigging hate when my lips stain. And I’m going to save my eyelashes for later because I’m about to put them back on. I’m going to go back into the color EH! and I’m going to deepen the outer corner of my eye and underneath the lash line.

I’m going a lot more intense with it, and it blends really nicely over top of the shadows we’ve already done. I’m going to leave a little bit of a bare space on the lid and go back in with Montego Bay just to buff it out.
Then I’m going to take the color Maya and fill in those little empty spaces that we left.
And with the color Black Roses, I’m going to deepen underneath the lash line and wing it out just a little bit.
 I’ll be filling my lash line with the liner, so I want a nice smoky, sultry base. I’m going to take the color EH!, and this is now the transition color, so I’m going to use that to blend in to the black so it’s a little more soft so you don’t see any stops.
Looks nice and faded. And then with the color Maya, I’m just going to go into the inner corners of my eyes once more.
Now, with the color Shimmy Shimmy Ya, I’m going to highlight my cheekbones.
It is a candlelight glow, but you can build it up to be a real poppin’, scrumptious highlight. I’m going to go down the center of the nose and above the top lip. Again, it’s like a candlelight glow — no racing stripes, okay? Back in with my eyeliner, which you can wheel up and wheel down, or spin.
deck of scarlet makeup palette I’m going to blend that in my waterline and then wing it out to meet with that black eyeshadow we did. With the lip color scrumptious… This is a very melty color, so you want to blend it in.
Let it melt into your lips. It’s a very light nude, but I like a light nude because I like to turn all my lipsticks into a nude, so it’s good to have a nice light with a bit of peach so it blends easy. And I’m going to take the lip liner and go on the outer corners of my lips to create a kind of soft nude ombre effect.
 deck of scarlet makeup palette

It’s nice because it’s not too plum. It’s nice and warm, so it’ll go in with both lip shades. Again, this is very long-wearing. And I’m going to sculpt out my lips just because I took off a bit of my foundation when I removed the lipstick before, and it makes it nice and sharp. Using the same lashes as before, I’m going to put them on as close as I can to my lash line and touch up with a little bit of mascara, because we’re being extra now. It’s nighttime. We’re doing the most.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, that completes the nighttime sexy, sultry look. And there is our softer daytime professional, you know, daytime glam look.


I am so excited about this palette. I think they’re really beautiful colors that you can wear any time. Kind of has a little bit of everything, something a little different. Burgundies carry beautifully like a brown, but give you something a little different, and it looks romantic and rosy. So, thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to share, subscribe, and follow. You can click the link in the description box if you’d like to purchase the palette. Love yourself, stay pretty, and I’ll see you guys again in the next video. Take care.