Enjoy this beauty haul by YouTuber Mrslolalynn that features an in-depth makeup tutorial using the new Deck of Scarlet makeup palette.

Hey, everyone. Welcome back. Today, I have a haul for you, and this is a little bit of a try on haul. There’s a few things I want to talk about that I put on my face so that you can see the application of them, and then a few other, newer items that I’ve gotten either as PR or I purchased them… I’ll let you know…but some makeup that I’m excited to play around with. If you guys want more information on it, I can do more videos using the products, and tutorials, and whatnot.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

The first thing I want to start out with is something that I’m really excited about, because this is from the brand Deck of Scarlet. Now, they’re an extension of Scentbird, which was that fragrance subscription, a monthly subscription, that I absolutely have loved and talked about so many times on my channel, because it’s a personal favorite and a gift I give to people. Well, they decided to come out with a makeup subscription box. It comes every two months. What I love about that is it comes in this really nice sleek box, and it has a palette inside, and then two eye products.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Now, I’ll show you what comes in the palette. But what’s really cool is every month they collab with a different YouTuber or creator to come up with the color scheme and the colors. If you follow my friend, Kelly Strack, did one of the first ones, and I was really excited to see that palette. This is the second palette from Deck of Scarlet that I’ve tried. I did do a full face look using it, which I’ll insert the clips from when we’re talking about the product. But I really love it because it’s affordable. Every two months, it’s $29.95.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

It has free shipping and you cancel it at any time if you are just…or skip it a month, which I appreciate when a subscription service has that option, because some months, you’re just not feeling like getting something or say, you’re really still just enjoying your palette from the last two months. You have the option… or you can’t afford it that month, you have the option to skip it and still remain subscribed. I really do appreciate when they do that option. It’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA, which I know is important to a lot of people, so I did want to mention that. Like I said, it comes in this box, and then here is the palette right here.

It has this really beautiful sleeve over it, and the palette opens up.

Now, I’m going to include close-ups. But what I really appreciate is that there are lip products in this palette, but there’s a different opening for the palette. So, you have this different opening for the palette right here. And then, right here is where the powder products are. Now, each palette has three different eye shadows. In this palette, there’s the color Fudge, which is a deep, dark, rich brown. Then, there’s the color Sunshine and then, this shade, Mermaid. And then also, there are two cheek products. There is a highlight product. And then, there is a bronzer product. Now, you can use this as a bronzer/blush.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, it also comes with a nice, large mirror, which I really appreciate in the palette, because when I’m using a palette, I like to just be holding it and looking in a mirror. I don’t like to have to reach for another palette to use the mirror.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

For this look that I have on today, I used the color Sandstorm, which is the bronzer, and I put that all through my crease.

And then, I used the shade Sunshine, and I put that on through my crease and on my lid.

And then, I went in with the color Fudge, which is that deep, dark chocolate brown, and I just deepened everything up with that.

And then, moving on to the lower lash line, the eyeliner is this color Chameleon. It’s this beautiful metallic-ish gold green shade.

I used that on the lower lash line first, and then I topped it off with the Mermaid shade in the palette, which is that beautiful green shade.

First, I used Sandstorm to blend it out, and then, I put Mermaid on top, which gives that nice little green pop under the eye.

And then, back into the palette, I used the bronzer Sandstorm to just warm up my complexion. It blended out really well.

And then, the shade Halo, which is the highlight from the shade, which is this beautiful gold, but a very nice subtle gold. I used that on top of my cheek bones. And you can go ahead and highlight your inner corner a little bit, which I’m going to go ahead and do that right now. Highlight your inner corner with it or your brow bone, if you want to. I really loved the way the palette performed, the shadows performed.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

And then, for my lip color, I went in with the lip liner Cake Pop, which is this beautiful brown. Oh, I just love the shade of this. It’s this nude-y brown shade.

And then, I topped it with the shade Almond from the lip creams that come in the palette, the shade Almond, which is this rich chocolatey brown. It feels so comfortable on the lips. It’s extremely pigmented. I just really love the way the look came out.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

If you’re interested in any of the Deck of Scarlet, I will leave the link down below. Something new is that I saw came out was this It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact. Now, they do have their Confidence in a Cream moisturizer, which is a super heavy, thick moisturizer. I assumed since that was going to be infused in this, that this would be a very hydrating foundation. Now, this is the first skin transforming, full coverage, solid serum foundation. It is a serum but in a solid form. When you dip your finger into it, it really does warm up the product, and it applies so beautifully. I was really impressed with it. I have the shade Light, and when I applied this… It says it’s for all skin types. It has 50 SPF UVA broad spectrum physical strength. I loved the compact. You just press this little button right here, it opens up. There’s a little sponge, which I don’t like to apply products with a sponge, but it does have this little plastic thing. Now, I’ve used this already, but it did have a seal over it, one of those aluminum type seals where you just peel back. So nice for freshness. It does have a mirror right here, which is covered. Let’s see if we can peel this off. This mirror is covered with one of those little things. So, really nice mirror, which I love when compacts have a mirror for touch-ups, too. I used the Sigma Round Kabuki F82 brush to apply this foundation. I just dug it in right in the compact and stippled it on, pressed it onto my face, and then went in round strokes. This is a very nice full coverage foundation. It feels really nice. I will say it was a little bit sticky. I did have to set it with a powder. Once I set it with the powder, I really loved the way it looked. It’s so nice on the skin, and the full coverage, it reminds me a lot of the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. That’s one of my favorite things. That’s what the product smells like. It almost feels like that but in solid form, so more in a cream form.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, next up is from Becca. This was sent to me. This is the Prismatic Amethyst Shimming Skin Perfector. Can we just have a moment of silence for this packaging? It’s this beautiful metallic, purple-y, amethyst shade packaging, and then, the traditional Becca thing, which I always think looks like one of those drain stoppers, but a beautiful drain stopper. This is what the highlighter looks like. I’ve actually worn this a few times on the inner corner and as a highlight. It’s so pretty. I love this. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Doesn’t even go with my look. I’m not going to use it, but I just want to show you. If I was going to put it on with a brush, it’s just a very bam highlighter. Let me just put a little right here. It’s just so pretty. But it’s a highlighter that pulls pinky purplish, has that shift to it. If you’re someone who’s looking for a subtle highlight, this is probably not for you, but it’s really beautiful. And I know Cover FX just came out with some drops, because I saw them on my friend Cassie’s Snapchat. She was using these Halo Cover FX drops, and then, she topped this on top, and it was oh, my gosh. She said it was unicorns all over her face. Anyways, definitely something to check out if you are looking for that really unique, really pretty pinkish… I mean, look at that. It’s so pretty.

I went ahead and got my Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black. I tried to find a dry shampoo that is comparable, but I just always have to have this just in case, because it works the best. I just wanted to mention it because it’s my favorite, and I always get it in the Black. But it’s one of the best dry shampoos I’ve ever used.

Okay, in a recent video I was talking about how one of my favorites is a Buxom’s White Russian. The color that I got that I had from a smaller set that came around the holidays just didn’t look the same, so I ordered the full size. I got another Buxom White Russian. This is just basically, the best gloss ever. It’s just this perfect light nude shade. It’s a creamy, milky, light nude, and it has just the perfect consistency. I also ordered one of these Sephora glosses.deck of scarlet makeup palette

I love these. These are the rouge lip gels, the Ultra Shine Lip Gels. They are such good glosses, if you’re looking for an affordable gloss. I feel like these are so overlooked. I don’t hear people talking about these, but these are one of my favorite lip glosses ever. I didn’t have this shade. This is in Cappuccino, which is a really nice, light nude. I just went ahead and picked this… Let me just put this up… This is a light nude, almost like a topping gloss, but it has these little, tiny shimmers. You won’t be able to see them on your lips, but it’s really just going to be a shine and a slight lightness, like a topping gloss. These smell. How would I describe the smell? Like sweet candy but sweet vanilla candy. I don’t know. Just such good glosses. There are so many different shades. Baby Doll is another one of my favorites for a pinky coral, but I love them. I just keep them in my purse. These are my two purse glosses. This one is a new addition. The White Russian I always have, but I usually have Baby Doll from the same line. But I’m going to keep this one in my purse just as a really light nude to put on. I just slurred all of that together. I don’t know if you noticed. I was like [sound].

Okay, so I’ve been loving the Luminous Silk Foundation from Giorgio Armani for several years now. I ran out of my shade, 5.5. I decided to go down a shade, because that was a little bit too dark for me, a lot too dark. I used it as a mixing foundation. This is 4.5. I’ve been using this shade as just an all over foundation, and I just love it. Now, I know that they came out with a new fabric one and it’s for… It’s the opposite of Luminous. I think it’s for if you have oily skin. I haven’t personally tried that one. I didn’t hear great things about it, but maybe just the one person that I saw just didn’t really like it. But I’m just going to stick with my Luminous. But if you are my complexion, you’re looking for a color, 4.5 seems to be good. This is a really hard foundation to color match, especially online, because it looks so different online than it does in the what it comes to you. I just looked up swatches and tried my very best from the swatches, but this is… It’s a very nice liquid-y foundation, but this is what the color looks like. It just blends into the skin really well. I love the coverage that this gives, but it also still looks like skin, and it just looks really nice on my skin. Definitely a go-to foundation for me that I had to re-purchase. But when I did, I just wanted to mention, because I always hated saying my color in this foundation. Because if you were my complexion, you would get that color, and you would be like, “Duh. Huh? Why is this color totally off? I thought she was fair.” If you are wanting to purchase it, 4.5 seems to be a really good shade.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Stila recently came out with the Magnificent Metals Liquid Glitter and Glow, whatever, eye shadows. I love them. They came out with two limited edition shades on their website, and I immediately snatched those puppies up, ordered them. But when I was ordering from the Stila website, I took the opportunity to order this color in Bronzed Belle. This is an exclusive to the Stila website. I was like, “If I want to get these two, I’m going to get this one, too, because that’s one that I don’t have and I think I would really love.” Let me just show this one first. If you guys haven’t heard me talking about them, you or anybody else, you’ve been under a rock. These products are so amazing. No one has sponsored. The people are talking about these because they’re incredible, and I love them. I have hooded lids, and I don’t find that they transfer too bad on me. I don’t have trouble with the fallout of the glitter. There is some fallout, but it’s not crazy, in my opinion, that would stop me. I can’t stop using these. I love them. That color is beautiful. That’s Bronzed Belle. And then, I have these are the two new limited edition shades.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

This one is called Sea Siren, and it’s this really pretty purple. It has aqua, purple, green, gold in it, so it has a lot of almost holographic. It’s really pretty. But this one is a little bit of a different formula, I’m going to say. Let me try shaking this up, because the formula on this one is a little bit watery. But it wasn’t like that when I swatched it yesterday, so I’m a little bit like, “What?” Oh, yeah. It just needed to be shook up a little bit. If you get these… It definitely is a different formula, because the glitter particles aren’t as pronounced as they are in the other formula, especially this Bronzed Belle. It has actual glitter pieces in it. This just almost seems like such a light, finely milled glitter that the formula is a little bit more sheer. This would be a great topper. This one is a very pretty opaque glitter. But this one would be a great topper. It’s a beautiful shade. That is Sea Siren. And then, this one is called Sunset Cove, and it’s this pink, and coral, and green shifts. It’s just so beautiful. I wore this one on my eyes yesterday, and it was gorgeous. I didn’t have any trouble with it being… I used it as a topper, as well, and it applied beautifully. Even though it looked a little bit sheer in the swatch, it applied beautifully, caught the light, went over shadow really nicely. This one right here is Sunset Cove. As you can see, that one almost has more peachy, pink shift, and this one has that more green purple shift to it. But they’re so beautiful. I love them so much. But definitely a thinner and a little bit different formula, because the glitter inside of these is… As soon as I put this on, these would be the type that you need to tap and blend out. They’re probably almost going to be easier for… Some people might find them easier to work with, because they’re not as thick. And where you put them, you don’t have much of an opportunity to maneuver, because it is so pigmented. These are just a little bit more sheer of a topping, so you’re going to have a little bit more freedom to manipulate them on your eyes. They’re not going to be such defined borders around them…you know what I’m saying?…when you have a super pigmented product. That’s what I do appreciate about them. Like I said, I wore this one on my eyes yesterday, and I really liked it. Definitely a great new product from Stila that has taken the makeup world by storm.

Okay, the last thing I want to talk about in this haul that’s new are from these Milk Makeup. These are called Eye Pigments, and these are cream eye shadows, super pigmented. I’m talking long-wearing like a mother scooter. I don’t even know how to describe to you how long-wearing they are. Once you put them on… I had my daughter on Snapchat. If you follow me on Snapchat, it’s Mrslolalynn. I had my daughter take her finger and run it across it, and you couldn’t get it to budge even if you wanted to. Nothing would come off on her finger, so I was like, “Dang.” I went and washed my hand. I had to use an oil to break it down to get it off. Just FYI, these stay on your eyes really well. But I did notice when I wore them on my eyes, they came off just fine with eye makeup remover. Just want to say, though, they are very long-wearing. They came out with a bunch of different colors. I want to swatch them for you. I love them so much. It’s just a cream product. It comes in this little, tiny squeez-y tube, and you only need a tiny little dot. I don’t know if you can see this little dot right here. You only need a tiny dot. Look at the pigmentation. Super-duper pigmented. This shade is called Hotel Lobby, and it spreads out so beautifully. I wonder if I should put a little bit of this again on my inner corners or something, so that you can see how gold and pigmented it is? Super pretty, as you can see. Really nice product, especially to wear all over the lids. That one is in Hotel Lobby. Have a bronzy shade right here, and this is in the color Gig. A little bit darker than Hotel Lobby, as you can see right there. That’s Hotel Lobby; this is Gig. This shade right here is called Silent Disco, and this is a blackened plum with burgundy shimmers in it. Just swatch that out. But again, super pigmented. I needed a pinpoint of a dot, and it spreads out like that. You would just need a little bit. This shade right here is a rose gold. This is called After Party. Oh, I just got way too much of that one. Sesh. Well, excuse the swatch on that, but that’s a lot. That’s After Party. But you can see how pigmented and metallic they are. This shade right here is a taupe, and it’s called Peep Show. It’s a really pretty taupe shade. This one has a little bit more glitter particles in it. Instead of being more metallic, it has a little glitter and metallic in it. But that’s a beautiful taupe. This one is one that I have worn on my lid. And they have this shade right here, which is called Rave, which is a really pigmented bright purple shade, metallic purple. Then, we have Jam Room, which is a metallic… This color is a metallic lavender shade in Jam Room. There is the color Jam Room, super pretty. I don’t have it here. I must have left it in the other room. But there’s a really nice almost bluish, light blue gray silver color, but it’s so metallic silver that it looks almost blue. And then, they have this shade right there, which is called Mermaid Parade. It’s just this beautiful metallic green. These are so nice, like I said, super-duper pigmented, and amazing. And definitely look in… You can find them at Sephora. I love them, and they stay on the lid so well.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Okay, that’s it for my haul. Hope that you enjoyed seeing some of the products on your face. Again, if you’re interested in the Deck of Scarlet or any of the products that I mentioned, look down below for some of the links on the products. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. Subscribe for now already, and I will see you on the next video.