Have you ever wanted to try out A POP of Color Glam makeup look but you didn’t know how to create it? PETITE-SUE DIVINITII, your local beauty expert and DECK OF SCARLET has brought you this really amazing and easy makeup tutorial. To recreate the look, watch the YouTube video, read the transcription and follow the images with the steps below:


Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. As you can see from the title, today I’m going to be doing a Pop of Color Glam, but before I go ahead and jump into the tutorial, I want to show you guys the palette that I’ll be focusing on using today for this look, and it is the Deck of Scarlett Palette. Yes, Deck of Scarlett is a makeup subscription where every two months, you basically get a new makeup palette with all the products you need for a fabulous, full-face makeup, basically. It costs less than one product that you normally get at Sephora or any other retailer. So, I think that’s pretty cool.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

So, basically it has three eye shadows, a blush, a highlighter, and two lip colors; plus, a lip crayon, which I think is pretty awesome. Like, all of that goodness in one palette, and that’s why I believe this palette is pretty awesome. It’s a good way to actually help you to get out of your comfort zone and just go ahead and try new products. I think just with makeup, sometimes it can get a bit boring when you continuously use the same things. Trust me, I know. So, it’s pretty fun and exciting when you go out and get new stuff. The quality feels really good. I just love the whole presentation, and I think it’s pretty nice.

Also, before I move on, the Deck of Scarlett Palette is cruelty free, paraben free, and it is made in the USA. All right, and guys, please be sure to go ahead and click the link down below to get your Deck of Scarlett Palette, if you’re interested. It’ll be right there for you. So, yeah. Now that I showed that off to you guys, let’s go on ahead and jump into the tutorial.

All right, so I’m just starting off with my eyebrows. I don’t always do this on camera, but if you guys need a detailed eyebrow tutorial, I’ll definitely go ahead and link one down below in my description box for you guys. Today, I’m using my MAC NC4G5 Pro long wear concealer to just clean up my brows. And I’m also going to use this to highlight. And I skip the whole step of priming today just because I was basically doing my makeup for video purposes. So, yeah.


Now, I’m going to go in with my Sacha compact powder today, in Buttercup. I have never tried this before. So, today I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Guys, be sure to go ahead and use my Sacha Cosmetics code, discount code, which is sue one, if you decide to get Sacha products. Yeah, okay. So, I absolutely love the powder. It’s basically the same thing as the loose powder, it’s just that it’s a compact form, so yeah. You guys know I’ve been using Buttercup powder from Sacha Cosmetics for a while now. Next, I’m using my Milani compact makeup for my all-over face powder. This is in Warm 109. Guys, I always get complaints from my subbies saying that they can’t find this anywhere online. I always see people suggesting that it’s sold at Walmart and stuff like that. So, maybe you can go ahead and check that out, but I’m here in Kingston, Jamaica, and I get it at Discount Beauty in [INAUDIBLE 00:04:34]. All right.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

All right. Now I’m going in with the loose Sacha Buttercup powder, and I’m just using this to bake. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE 00:04:46], I do this step a majority of the time. So, yeah.

Now I’m taking my Deck of Scarlett Palette, and I’m going in with Making Mauves. That’s that kind of, it’s a brown shade, but it has this like, plum undertone to it. Really like it. It’s very neutral, and I really wanted a simple eye look today. It wasn’t anything too complex at all, guys, trust me. I just use the three eye shadows there that you’re looking at to achieve this look.

I use Peachy Keen next to…on my lower lid. I just popped that on, and it was really a light wash.

And then I went in with Sophia, and this is what I’m using to achieve this pop of color. This is the beautiful purple, and I’m just smoking this out on my lower lash line.

Now, I’m taking Gilded, and I’m using this on my tear duct area. I’m going to thinly line my upper lash line.

Nothing too drastic. And then I’m using my Monumental mascara from Sigma to apply to my natural lashes. And then I proceeded to apply my Risque Mink Lashes from Koko. Lashes next. Now, I’m just dusting away that powder I used to bake earlier on. Then to highlight it, I’m taking my MAC Gold Deposit skin mineralized skin finish, and I didn’t go too drastic with my glow today at all.

Then, I’m taking the Deck of Scarlett lip crayon, and this is in M-I-A. I absolutely love the feeling of this on the lips. It came off very glossy, which I don’t mind. I absolutely love it. Super moisturizing for the lips, and the color is absolutely gorgeous.

Love it. But yeah, guys, that’s pretty much it for this tutorial today. Really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, go ahead and give it a thumb up. Don’t forget to check out my description box for all the necessary information. And yeah, that’s pretty much it for now. So, I’ll see you guys in my next upload. All right. Bye.