Watch this amazing PURPLE GLAM MAKEUP Tutorial, brought to you by the beauty vlogger Lisa Onuoha Beauty using Deck of Scarlet No.2 palette. Recreate this look with the help of the transcript of the video + images with the steps:

What’s up, guys? Welcome back to my channel. Today, I am showing you how I did this makeup look. It’s purple, which I’m very not used to wearing.But I’m very excited, because this video is in collaboration with Deck of Scarlet. They sent me this palette to review for you guys and show you how to use it. The palette came in this box. When you open it, there’s…Oh, my god. Let me not drop it… There’s a couple of goodies inside. This palette was in collaboration with BabsBeauty, and it shows that on this paper. Oh, I just went really dark. Then you get the palette. It has a sleeve on it.So, you just take off the sleeve. It’s so cute. I was looking at this, and I literally love this design, especially with the pink, because I really like pink. It also comes with a lip crayon, which is super pretty, and it glides on so easily, which is great.

For those of you who don’t know about Deck of Scarlet, Deck of Scarlet is a makeup subscription where every two months you get a new makeup palette. Also, it costs less than one product you usually get at Sephora, which is so good. The palette comes with three eye shadows, a blush, a highlighter, two lip colors, and a lip chubby. They call it a lip chubby. It’s basically a crayon and lip liner. Each palette is in collaboration with a top YouTuber. That’s really cool, too. What’s also really cool is that Deck of Scarlet is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA. So, that’s a plus. If you want to know where to get a Deck of Scarlet palette, I will put the link down below, and you’ll be able to get one for yourself. If you want to know how I created this makeup look, then just keep on watching.

I look a little bit crazy now, because I have my face makeup done, but my eyes are bare and crazy. I’m going to start out with the color Making Mauve and put this into my crease with a very fluffy crease brush. The palette also has a mirror, which is really nice. You can use that to see what you’re doing. I’m going to attempt to use this as a transition shade. Let me move you closer. Believe the shadows are super blendable, which is a plus, especially if you’re like me, and you’re not bad at makeup, but you’re still learning. I’m not the best at doing eye shadow. I’m still learning. [INAUDIBLE 00:03:09].

I’m going to go in with Sophia on a more detail brush. I’m going to start working this into the creases, as well, and on the [INAUDIBLE 00:03:28], pretty much over the lid and all over, and make sure I blend it. While I’m doing this, I’m going to go in with a blending brush a couple of times to blend out the edges. Do the same thing on this eye.

Now, I’m going to use a pencil brush and take [INAUDIBLE 00:04:04] Sophia again and build it on my lid. I don’t know why I’m using a pencil brush for this. I just usually [INAUDIBLE 00:04:15] to blend into the crease and then onto the lid. Now, I’m taking Making Mauve again and just blending the crease out again a little bit. I feel like eye makeup just looks bad on me because I have hooded eyes. I’m trying. I’m also just going to take a little bit of translucent powder and put it on the outer corners of my eye to catch any fallout, because these shadows have a little bit of fallout. I also just want to clean up this line so it’s more sharp and precise. I already have my face makeup on, so I don’t want to go in and[INAUDIBLE 00:04:56] any more to fix it. Just do that.

Now, I’m going to take Peachy Keen. I wet this flat brush. I’m going to take Peachy Keen on it. I don’t know how these shadows work wet. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m just going to place this on the middle of my eye to give it that halo effect. Now, I’m going to take my finger and build the color as much as possible. Now, I’m going back in with a pencil brush and Sophia, and I’m just going to blend that patch in. Hope you can see what I did there, some sort of a halo eye.



I’m going to take the highlighter Gilded on my finger and just press it onto where I put Peachy Keen to get more of the glow on there. Then with no extra product, I’m just tapping pencil brush that had Sophia on it on the sides of the eye.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

We’re going to apply some shadow to the bottom lash line. I’m taking Making Mauve again and working it on my bottom lashes. I would recommend to do it before you do your face makeup because, as I said, it has a little bit of a fallout. I’m taking Sophia on the pencil brush and working it in my bottom lash line again. Putting makeup [INAUDIBLE 00:04:15] bottom lash line really finishes it off. There.

 I’m putting on these lashes. I will put the link down below where I got them. While the glue is getting tacky, I’m just going to do the rest of my face. For my highlight, I’m using the color Gilded. I’m just going to be putting this on cheek bones. This highlight is really nice, especially if you’re not into a super bright highlight. You just want a really natural sheen on your face. I’m taking it on a little fan brush and [INAUDIBLE 00:7:26] on my brow bone. Definitely really pretty for the brow bone if you don’t like a crazy shade on there. This is really nice for that.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

For blush, I’m using Bobdy. I think that’s how you pronounce it. A little super brush and… It’s really pigmented. You don’t want to use too much. I never used purple blush, but it’s very pretty. Also, it goes together with the highlight really nice. As soon as you put this on top, the highlight just comes out and looks really good.

Now, I’m just going to apply some mascara and put my falsies on off camera, and I’ll be back. Now that my lashes are on, the last thing you want to do is put on a lip product. At first just going to use a lip crayon. I’m going to line my lip. I have a little bit of Vaseline on my lips so that it glides on. Without Vaseline, it still glides on really nicely. This is a very…as you can see…dark tone. It’s very dark and almost grayish. Then I’m going in with Brownies. I’m taking Brownies on a lip brush. Then I’m taking Plump and putting this on top. As you can see, it’s all very cool toned, which I’m not used to, but I actually really like it. I feel like this palette is really nice for traveling, as well, because it has the two lip colors. It comes with one lip pencil.So, you can use that. And then pretty much you have enough to do this whole look with. You have the highlight; you have the blush; you just need a couple of face products, and you’re good to go.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

This is the finished look. I hope you guys liked this video. Make sure you give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe…the notification bell button…so you’ll be notified every time I upload a video. If you want to see any videos of me, leave them down below. Honestly, leave whatever you want in the comments. I always read them, and I always generally respond. [INAUDIBLE 00:09:40] on my social media;tweet me; Instagram me;add me on Snapchat; whatever you want.

deck of scarlet makeup palette

Please ignore my earrings. They do not match this look, but I can’t find other ones right now. I was wearing these today, so I just kept them in, but they don’t look very good with this makeup.

As I said, I hope you guys liked this video, and I will see you in my next one.